Amr Waked

Egyptian former actor, fugitive Amr Waked in hot water for insulting Egyptian women on Twitter

Thu, 26 May 2022 - 10:43 GMT

The National Council for Women, headed by Maya Morsi, and all its members expressed their anger and total rejection of the insults directed by Amr Waked.

Withdrawal of Huriyati’s controversial issue

Thu, 04 Apr 2019 - 05:52 GMT

National Press Agency (NPA) carried out a detailed investigation with Huriyati magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. For publishing a Photoshop cover improper implying a sexual hint.

Urgent decision requested to ban works of Amr Waked, Khaled Abul Naga

Thu, 28 Mar 2019 - 04:48 GMT

This came in light of Abul Naga and waked's announcements “defaming” Egypt in the American Congress and requesting foreign intervention in the Egyptian internal affairs.

Statesmen, people fiercely censure Naga, Waked for hostile remarks

Wed, 27 Mar 2019 - 02:57 GMT

Theatrical Professions Syndicate decided on Tuesday to drop the membership of the internationally renowned Egyptian actors.

Actors' Syndicate withdraw membership off Waked, Abu el-Naga over 'defaming Egypt'

Wed, 27 Mar 2019 - 12:05 GMT

The Egyptian Actors’ Syndicate cancelled the membership of Egyptian actors Khaled Abou Elnaga and Amr Waked.

All you need to know about the Egyptian artists on Forbes’ list

Mon, 23 Jul 2018 - 01:41 GMT

Forbes’ "Arab Stars on the Global Stage" list included this year five Egyptians in different fields.

‘Ketaba ala Thalg’ screens at Chicago Palestine Film Festival

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 - 01:56 GMT

“Ketaba ala Thalg” (Writing on Snow) is participating in the Chicago Palestine Film Festival, which kicked off on April 21 and will continue to May 3.

‘Ketaba ala Thalg’ won Best Movie Award from MIFF

Sun, 01 Apr 2018 - 12:28 GMT

The film, “Ketaba ala Thalg” (Writing on Snow), won the Best Movie Award at the 10th edition of the Muscat International Film Festival

Ketaba ala Thalg screened in CIFF

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 - 02:09 GMT

“Ketaba ala Thalg” was the opening film of the 28th edition of the festival.

Amr Waked in prison for damaging citizen's car

Sat, 28 Oct 2017 - 07:20 GMT

Dokki Misdemeanor Court sentenced Egyptian actor Amr Waked to three months in jail on Saturday.

Amr Waked to start filming Ebtasem Enta fe Masr

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - 05:34 GMT

Famous Egyptian actor Amr Waked will start filming “Ebtasem Enta fe Masr” (Cheer Up, You Are in Egypt) in the next few days.

‘Ketaba ala Thalg’ opening movie of CIFF

Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 04:11 GMT

“Ketaba ala Thalg” to be opening movie of CIFF

Before Mena Massoud...5 Egyptians who made it big to Hollywood

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 02:41 GMT

After a search for Middle Eastern actors, to avoid the problem of “whitewashing.

Amr Waked to star in another international film, 'Geostorm'

Sat, 15 Jul 2017 - 01:05 GMT

Egyptian Star Amr Waked is set to star in Hollywood's 'Geostorm'.

Egyptian Amr Waked becoming more familiar with new Hollywood role

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 - 12:40 GMT

Amr Waked is becoming a familiar face in Hollywood, and his notoriety will only increase with this year’s release of “Geostorm”.