Urgent decision requested to ban works of Amr Waked, Khaled Abul Naga


Thu, 28 Mar 2019 - 04:48 GMT

Waked and Abul Naga

Waked and Abul Naga

CAIRO - 28 March 2019: Lawyer of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tarek Mahmoud issued an official warning to Makram Mohamed Ahmed as chairman of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, demanding an urgent decision to stop broadcasting works of fugitives Amr Waked and Khaled Abul Naga.

This came in light of Abul Naga and waked's announcements “defaming” Egypt in the American Congress and requesting foreign intervention in the Egyptian internal affairs. Both “fugitives” have published false news and made incorrect statements about the country's internal situation.

Mahmoud stated in his warning that he had previously filed a complaint to the general prosecutor against Amr Waked under No. 3405 of 2019 and against Abul Naga under No. 12537 for the year 2018, accusing both actors of inciting against and insulting Egypt in international forums.

Mahmoud also sent an official warning to the head of the Actors Syndicate for their final dismissal from the syndicate.

Mahmoud went on to warn the president of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to issue an immediate and urgent decision banning the broadcast of all films, programs, meetings or series involving Waked and Abul Naga on Egyptian television and Egyptian channels, stressing that this is the demand of all Egyptians.



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