Skinny and sweet: U.S. refiner earnings depend on the oil diet

Thu, Apr. 26, 2018
A general view of the Amuay refinery complex, which belongs to the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, in Punto Fijo, Venezuela November 17, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins/File Photo

The nation’s biggest refiners spent billions building units capable of turning heavy, sour crude into gasoline, diesel fuel and other products.

Cruise control: 'M:I6' star shines as Paramount, Universal wow CinemaCon

Thu, Apr. 26, 2018

Tom Cruise regaled CinemaCon Wednesday with a demonstration of his renowned stuntman skills.

'Game of Thrones' author announces new book

Thu, Apr. 26, 2018

American author George R.R. Martin Wednesday announced a new book to be released in November.

'Golden cabbage' leaves stolen off Vienna landmark

Wed, Apr. 25, 2018

Thieves have stolen half a dozen of the gilded leaves that make up the famous "golden cabbage" dome on the iconic Secession building in Vienna.

US, British families experience life in Fowa, Kafr el-Sheikh

Thu, Apr. 26, 2018

U.S. and British families visited Fowa town in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate in April, where they experienced Egyptian rural life, culture and handicraft.

The Ripple Effect of Buying Fake Goods

Mon, Apr. 23, 2018

While customers buy cheap, knockoff handbags or car parts regularly under the false belief that it is harmless, or just good spending sense, it may have more serious consequences than merely sacrificing quality. A business estimated at $0.5 trillion, the

Combatting Fake News

Sun, Apr. 15, 2018

Executive Director of Alex Media Forum Ahmed Essmat speaks about this year’s edition and how to combat fake news in media  

Fayoum: Chasing Waterfalls

Tue, Apr. 17, 2018

This lakeside retreat is a favorite among Cairenes and resident expats alike.