Lighting system of the jewel of Islamic architecture on Al-Muizz Street upgraded

Wed, 21 Oct 2020 - 12:36 GMT

Within the framework of Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ plan to develop and archaeological areas and sites, the work of lighting the external facades of the al-Mansour Saif al-Din Qalawun began on al-Muizz Street.

Accumulated rain water removed from all archaeological sites

Thu, 24 Oct 2019 - 11:59 GMT

Head of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Antiquities Sector Gamal Mustafa stated the accumulated rain water in archaeological sites had been removed to ensure safety.

Indian actress draws fire for quitting over Islamic faith

Mon, 01 Jul 2019 - 01:11 GMT

A Muslim actress’ decision to quit Bollywood, saying acting was taking her away from her faith, has triggered a backlash in India from fellow actors and fans.

NRJ Radio to host Youssef Ziedan at 9 p.m.

Mon, 17 Dec 2018 - 02:19 GMT

Famed scholar Youssef Ziedan will be the guest of the Radio program “Lail Dakhly” on NRJ Radio 92.1.

Documentation, recording of Jewish artifacts almost completed

Thu, 06 Dec 2018 - 04:11 GMT

works of recording and documenting the fragments of the Jewish temples almost completed.

Tayyeb: Azhar's openness behind close links between East, West

Mon, 22 Oct 2018 - 11:27 GMT

Azhar's openness with major religious institutions in Europe is a cogent proof of narrowing the gap between Islamic communities in the East and Christian communities in the West.

Islamic Research Center holds 51k awareness sessions on harassment dangers

Fri, 12 Oct 2018 - 11:06 GMT

The Islamic Research Center held 51,000 awareness sessions across Egypt on the dangers of harassment and violence against women.

Report: Sohag Museum a mirror reflecting Egypt’s history

Mon, 13 Aug 2018 - 02:26 GMT

The Sohag National Museum which overlooks the Nile in the Upper Egyptian town of Sohag was finally inaugurated by the Egyptian president on Monday.

Egyptologist Somers Clarke’s house included in monuments’ list

Sun, 12 Aug 2018 - 10:30 GMT

English architect and Egyptologist Somers Clarke’s house will be included in the list of prominent Islamic and Coptic monuments.

Islamic bodies: Storming Al Aqsa may drag region into more violence

Sat, 28 Jul 2018 - 11:04 GMT

Islamic institutions in al Quds warned on Saturday of the ongoing Israeli violations against Al Aqsa Mosque.

A cache of pottery vessels discovered

Tue, 03 Jul 2018 - 03:19 GMT

The Ministry of Antiquities found hundreds of pottery vessels, dating back to the beginning of the Greco-Roman era, the Coptic era and the Islamic era.

Tunisian Islamist party endorses Jewish candidate

Sun, 29 Apr 2018 - 10:53 GMT

Nothing unusual about that -- except he is the only Jewish candidate, standing for the Islamist Ennahdha party.

Islamic Art Museum

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 - 07:36 GMT

Whether you are a fan of Islamic heritage or not, it takes one visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo to become one.

Islamic Art Museum

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 - 07:36 GMT

Whether you are a fan of Islamic heritage or not, it takes one visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo to become one.

History of Mawlid al-Nabawi

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 - 10:00 GMT

The Mawlid al-Nabawi (celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) is almost a week away. Here is what you need to know about it.

8 reasons why you should visit Minya

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 - 08:05 GMT

Minya is a governorate in Upper Egypt with so much to offer, historically and culturally; so here are 8 things you probably did not know about Minya governorate.

El Mandara Mill is safe

Thu, 03 Aug 2017 - 09:34 GMT

Ministry of Antiquities reveals details of the violation of El Mandara Mill.

Egypt to restore 5,000 antiques from AUC

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 - 06:42 GMT

he American University in Cairo (AUC) will return 5,000 historical pieces to the Egyptian government.

Jewish graveyards registered in Islamic and Coptic monuments

Fri, 19 May 2017 - 02:36 GMT

Registering the Jewish graveyards in Alexandria within the Islamic and Coptic monuments.