NRJ Radio to host Youssef Ziedan at 9 p.m.


Mon, 17 Dec 2018 - 02:19 GMT

NRJ Radio Program “Lail dakhly” – ET.

NRJ Radio Program “Lail dakhly” – ET.

CAIRO – 17 December 2018: Famed scholar Youssef Ziedan will be the guest of writer and scenarist Ahmed Mourad in a special episode of the Radio program “Lail Dakhly” on NRJ Radio 92.1. In the special episode, Ziedan is expected to speak about his enriching literary contributions as well as many other issues that concern the listeners.

“Lail Dakhly” is broadcast from 9 11 p.m. three days a week on NRJ Radio Station and is shared by Ahmed Mourad, Haytham Dabor and Mohammed Suleiman Abdul Malik. The program's previous season achieved great success.

Ziedan is an Egyptian scholar who specializes in Arabic and Islamic studies. He is the director of the Manuscript Center and Museum affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. He is a university professor, a public lecturer, a columnist and a prolific author of more than 50 books.

The study of Arabic and Islamic manuscripts has been his primary interest, in addition to cataloguing, editing and publishing these manuscripts. He has worked as a consultant in the field of Arabic heritage preservation and conservation in a number of international institutions, including UNESCO, ESCWA and the Arab League, and has directed a number of projects aiming at the delimitation and preservation of Arabic manuscript heritage.



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