Police arrest 2 men accused of stealing house of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in Cairo

Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 01:52 GMT

Police have arrested two men on accusations of stealing the house of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in New Cairo only two days after the theft was reported, the Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday.

Egypt's House delegation leaves for Vienna to attend speakers conf.

Sun, 05 Sep 2021 - 01:49 GMT

Egypt’s participation in the two events is considered a good chance to exchange views regarding regional and international challenges.

Egypt’s House approves bills regulates development, protection of lakes and fishing wealth

Mon, 26 Jul 2021 - 10:05 GMT

The Parliament also approved an article prohibiting the dumping or discharging of toxic, radioactive or petroleum materials or untreated sewage water into Egyptian waters from ships or factories.

Egypt introduces natural gas in 3.5M units since mid-2018

Sat, 15 May 2021 - 07:43 GMT

The goal is substituting the use of butane-gas cylinders subsidized by the government.

Egypt's House in principle approves bill dismissing drug abuser from work

Sun, 09 May 2021 - 04:48 GMT

The new law aims at protecting public facilities and the lives of citizens from the imminent danger that drug abusers may cause in their jobs.

Egypt’s information minister recovers from coronavirus

Sun, 05 Jul 2020 - 12:46 GMT

“Today is my first workday after two weeks in house quarantine,” Heikal said.

80% of coronavirus cases heal without medications: Health Ministry

Tue, 17 Mar 2020 - 12:43 GMT

That is due to the body’s resistance if the immunity is high.

Egyptologist Somers Clarke’s house included in monuments’ list

Sun, 12 Aug 2018 - 10:30 GMT

English architect and Egyptologist Somers Clarke’s house will be included in the list of prominent Islamic and Coptic monuments.

Mexico Embassy to Celebrate National Day at Cairo Opera House

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 - 05:27 GMT

Mexico Embassy will celebrate Mexico National Day in Cairo Opera House’s small theater on September 29.

‘Flamenco de Madrid’ performs in Cairo Opera House in October

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 - 05:27 GMT

The Spanish Ballet, “Flamenco de Madrid,” will perform in Cairo Opera House.

Chinese Orchestra at Cairo Opera House

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 - 07:20 GMT

Cairo Opera House to host the Chinese Orchestra next Friday September 22.

Rehab Omar to perform live at Cairo Opera House

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 - 05:09 GMT

Cairo Opera House will host a live concert by Rehab Omar this September.

Harry Potter's childhood house goes on sale

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 - 08:00 GMT

The house used in the Harry Potter movie for the character's childhood home is now on the market.

5 tracks that ‘truly’ reflect the essence of TV Series

Sun, 06 Aug 2017 - 05:04 GMT

You know that feeling when the music and the TV show feel like they complete each other? Here are examples of that

Old is Gold: L’Antiquette

Thu, 26 Dec 2013 - 12:14 GMT