Mohamed Abdel-Baky and Lolwa Reda

Al-Ghufran organizes exhibition in Broken chair courtyard exposing Qatari regime human rights violations

Mon, Sep. 24, 2018

A delegation from the Al-Ghufran tribe organized Monday an exhibition in the Broken Chair courtyard, exhibiting the human rights violations committed by the Qatari regime against them.

A child from Al-Ghufran tribe tells Sky News Arabia about violations seen at hands of Qatari regime

Mon, Sep. 24, 2018

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Mohamed Al-Ghufrani, a child from the Al-Ghufran tribe in Qatar, spoke of the human rights violations he, and his tribe, have seen at the hands of the Qatari regime.

Pressure on FIFA to strip Qatar of 2022 World Cup builds

Mon, Sep. 24, 2018

Between allegations that Qatar potentially sought to sabotage rival candidates’ bids for the 2022 World Cup and Al-Ghufran tribe’s accusations, Qatar is in hot water.

Qatar regime built World Cup 2022 facilities on land forcibly taken away: Al-Ghufran tells FIFA

Mon, Sep. 24, 2018

A delegation from Al-Ghufran tribe lodged a complaint Monday to the President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) in Zurich against the practices of the Qatari regime against their tribe.

Al-Ghufran tribe calls on UN Rapporteur on indigenous people to take action against Qatar

Fri, Sep. 21, 2018

A delegation from Qatari Al-Ghufran tribe called on Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples to take serious steps in investigating and documenting the human rights violations committed against the tribe.

Geneva: Al-Ghufran holds press conference demanding rights, presenting evidence for claims

Thu, Sep. 20, 2018

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) held Thursday a seminar titled, ‘Qatar: How to protect the Al-Ghufran tribe?’, in Geneva.

Al-Ghufran tribe organizes sit-in by Broken Chair to protest Qatar regime’s crimes

Wed, Sep. 19, 2018

A delegation from the Al-Ghufran Tribe, one of the biggest tribes in Qatar, staged a sit-in Wednesday in front of the Broken Chair, to denounce human rights crimes by the Qatari regime.

Al-Ghufran tribe calls on UN to seriously investigate ‘crime’ of stripping them of Qatari nationality

Tue, Sep. 18, 2018

A delegation from the Al-Ghufran tribe called on the UN to take serious action towards investigating their complaint, submitted Monday, against the Qatari regime’s human rights violations against the tribe.