Mira Maged

'Monkey for Four Dinars' exhibition unveils historical data

Thu, Apr. 12, 2018

Mohamed Abdel Latif, assistant minister of antiquities, launched “The Monkey for Four Dinars” exhibition for Islamic antiquities at the Annex Museum in Aswan on April 11.

Ambassadors recommend books before visiting their countries

Thu, Apr. 12, 2018

Babble asked a group of ambassadors from diverse countries to recommend a book that helps readers before they visit their countries.

Art takes death out of deadly weapons

Wed, Apr. 11, 2018

Many artists have turned bullets, bombs and guns into artistic pieces and sculptures to mark the miserable stages that their countries have passed through.

Angelou’s 90th birthday: She lived to thrive

Thu, Apr. 5, 2018

The world celebrates American poet, storyteller, activist, autobiographer and filmmaker Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday on April 4.

Between medicine, literature: Tawfik had something to say

Tue, Apr. 3, 2018

Diversity was a dominating trait in Tawfik’s life; he wrote about assorted issues: love, freedom, oppression, friendships, relationships, optimism and pessimism.

“No One Cares about City Cats”, collection of stories preaching love

Tue, Apr. 3, 2018

NVIC hosted two Egyptian authors, Ahmed Naji and Muhammad El-Hajj who discussed a collection of six love stories called "No One Cares about Cats"

Rim Banna leaves behind artistic treasure

Mon, Mar. 26, 2018

Late prominent Palestinian singer, songwriter, and composer Rim Banna didn’t leave this world before enriching it with a magnificent artistic treasure.

Exceptional depiction of Hatshepsut found at Swansea University

Mon, Mar. 26, 2018

A depiction of one of the most renowned pharaohs in history, Hatshepsut, was found by Egyptology lecturer Kenneth Griffin at Swansea University, Friday.