Late Palestinian musician – Photo courtesy of Rim Banna's official page on Facebook. Late Palestinian musician – Photo courtesy of Rim Banna's official page on Facebook.

Rim Banna leaves behind artistic treasure

Mon, Mar. 26, 2018
CAIRO – 26 March 2018: Late prominent Palestinian singer, songwriter, and composer, Rim Banna, didn’t leave this world before enriching it with a magnificent artistic treasure.
In a unique modernized representation, Banna performed several poems that may seem to contain unfamiliar Arabic words and expressions. These poems that have been turned into songs were very well received by the Arab world.

Banna succeeded in reviving such precious poems due to her music composing skills, which were always based on a momentous vintage rhyme relying on specific instruments such as the ney and Palestinian folkloric percussions. Known for her rebellious voice, Banna’s vocals played a noteworthy role in bringing several valuable poems back to life.

Banna has exceptionally composed and performed several poems for renowned Arab spiritual poet, Ibn al-Farid, such as “Supply me with an excess of love” and "My Heart Tells Me".

It is worth mentioning that Banna was one of the first Arab musicians to sing poems for legendary Sufist poet Al-Hallaj, such as “Astonished by You and Me”, that she composed in her own astounding way.

Merging the Egyptian and Palestinian cultures together, Banna became one of the most rebellious icons in both countries. She is well-known as the voice of the revolution and freedom because of her long struggle against oppression whether in Palestine or during the January 25 revolution in Egypt.

Banna was constantly considered to be the children’s voice; she has always called for Palestinian children’s rights and has performed several songs that were a significant testament to her commitment to this cause, including “Sarah” in which she shed light on how Israeli militants kill innocent Palestinian children, and “Who” which was performed by Banna, the Palestinian musician Ahmed Kaabour and a group of children, and was dedicated to all Palestinian fighters defending their country.

The singer passed away on Saturday March 24 in her hometown,
Nazareth, at 51, after a nine- year long struggle with breast cancer. Her family, friends and lovers said their last goodbye to her through chanting her favorite song “My Country”.
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