Dar Al-Ifta

Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta says Sunday 1st day of Eid al-Fitr Islamic holiday

Fri, 22 May 2020 - 06:28 GMT

Egypt's Dar al-Ifta announced, Friday that Eid al-Fitr Islamic holiday will start, Sunday, May 24.

Ifta observatory hails Libyan parl't for rejecting Turkish interference in Libya

Sun, 05 Jan 2020 - 12:01 GMT

The Observatory for Monitoring Takfiri Fatwas at Egypt's Dar al-Ifta hailed the Libyan parliament's rejection of Turkish interference in Libya.

Egypt's counter-terrorism efforts paid off: Dar al-Iftaa Observatory

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 - 12:24 GMT

Egypt’s counter-terrorism and extremism efforts have reaped fruit, as the country was removed off the list of countries most affected by terrorism in 2019.

Brotherhood expanded through parallel entities: Islamophobia observatory

Thu, 21 Nov 2019 - 04:11 GMT

“The terrorist organization has been able to expand in western societies significantly by forming the so-called parallel entities,” said the report.

Learn about Media Council's regulations for religious, sports, talk shows

Tue, 20 Aug 2019 - 03:22 GMT

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation set a number of rules to regulate the work of religious, medical, sports and talk shows.

Dar al-Ifta reiterates forbidding FGM due to health effects

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 - 03:05 GMT

Dar al-Ifta said some people who are ineligible for issuing fatwas (Islamic rulings) claim that preventing female genital mutilation is prohibited in Islam.

Exclusive interview Namnam reveals his opinion on terrorism and religious parties

Sun, 06 Jan 2019 - 05:31 GMT

Namnam reveals his point of view in different issues: terrorism and religious parties.

Dar al Ifta warns of spread of Daesh, Al Qaeda remnants in Syria, Iraq

Tue, 01 Jan 2019 - 03:03 GMT

Dar al-Ifta observatory for Takfiti Fatwa (religious edicts) has warned that the remnants of terrorist groups Daesh and Al Qaeda may seek to spread chaos in Syria and Iraq.

Islamic State ideology dismantled: Observatory of Takfiri Fatwas

Wed, 19 Dec 2018 - 04:01 GMT

The Islamic State (IS) ideology has been dismantled, and its members are involved only in gang wars.

Egypt’s Islamophobia Observatory lauds Muslim women’s victory in Congress

Fri, 09 Nov 2018 - 10:00 GMT

Dar al-Ifta’s Islamophobia Observatory lauded the victory of two Muslim women in the Congress race to become the first Muslim women congressional members.

Egypt, Bahrain to boost co-op in religious affairs

Tue, 31 Jul 2018 - 07:33 GMT

Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Allam met with Bahraini Minister of Education Majed Bin Ali Al Noaimi on Tuesday to discuss boosting cooperation in religious affairs.

Ifta to specify first day of Eid al-Fitr on Thursday

Wed, 13 Jun 2018 - 11:50 GMT

Eid Al-Fitr prayers will be performed in Cairo at 5.18 a.m. and at 5:19 a.m. in Giza.

Alexandrians’ broke their fast early on Wednesday: Dar Al-Ifta

Fri, 01 Jun 2018 - 10:36 GMT

Alexandrians who have broken their fast before the sun had entirely set have to make up for the day.

Dar Al-Ifta refutes claims of mistakenly sighted Ramadan crescent

Tue, 29 May 2018 - 11:40 GMT

Dar Al-Ifta called on all Muslims and the media outlets to neglect such inaccurate reports that confuse the nation.

Dar Al-Ifta establishes World Council of Muslim minorities

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 - 08:12 GMT

Dar Al-Ifta in Egypt will establish the World Council of Muslim Minorities in the UAE soon.

Dar Al-Ifta establishes World Council of Muslim minorities

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 - 04:03 GMT

Dar Al-Ifta in Egypt will establish the World Council of Muslim Minorities in the UAE soon.

Dar al-Ifta prohibits ‘Blue Whale’ game

Fri, 06 Apr 2018 - 01:56 GMT

Egyptian Dar al-Ifta issued an advisory opinion regarding the suicidal Blue Whale game.

Dar al-Ifta launches international campaign about prophet’s life

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 - 10:04 GMT

The campaign titled, "Timeless Guidance", attempts to revive and bring to focus the Prophet's teachings to offer Muslims a new understanding of the Prophet's life.

Fatwa observatory warns of rumors over Egypt's stability

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 - 04:58 GMT

Dar al-Ifta has warned of rumors circulated on social networking websites that aim at undermining Egypt's security and stability.

Second day of International Conference for Fatwa kicks off

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 - 10:08 GMT

The second day of the International Conference for Fatwa kicked off early on Wednesday.