Dar Al-Ifta establishes World Council of Muslim minorities



Mon, 23 Apr 2018 - 08:12 GMT


Mon, 23 Apr 2018 - 08:12 GMT

FILE-Dar Al-Ifta

FILE-Dar Al-Ifta

CAIRO – 23 April 2018: The Islamophobia observatory department affiliated with Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta (House of Fatwa) praised the launch of a world council focusing on the Muslim minorities around the globe.

The aim of this council is to support the said minority in times of hardships that they might face because of their faith and Islamophobia caused by negative beliefs towards the religion of Islam.

Located in Abu Dhabi, the supreme committee that organized the international conference of the Muslim minorities, announced the launch of an international council named "The International Council of Muslim Minorities". The council’s headquarters will be located in Abu Dhabi.

According to the observatory department, the council was launched after several requests from the organizing committee of the conference. Abu Dhabi decided to host the conference on May 8 and 9, 2018, after receiving numerous letters and requests from Muslim minority representatives around the world, hoping for a worldwide entity that focuses on their needs and concerns as a Muslim minority, hoping to create a council that unites them.

The council is going to arrange several tasks that back and re-enforce Muslim minority practices in different countries by launching several initiatives related to the goals of the council, including the international charter of the rights and freedom of practice for the Muslim minorities. The committee is also going to focus on creating a strategic plan to establish advancement in the civilized practices of the Muslim minorities, according to Mohammed El-Bashary, the vice president of the council.

The observatory department in Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta stressed on the importance of coordinating between the council and the numerous entities that are affiliated with such concerns regarding the Muslim minorities' issues around the world. The main goal is to try to portray Islam in its true image, and demolish Islamophobia that is becoming widely spread worldwide since the twin towers attacks in 2001.

The Muslim minority observatory department in Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta is aiming to demolish the racist views towards Islam, by creating new means of communication with different recipients and entities, especially in the fields of media and research, in the hope of clarifying and changing any negative beliefs towards Islam. Another approach is trying to communicate with decision-makers in different entities; communication is based on knowledge, observing and analyzing of such entities and their approaches in life, in the hope of creating a new refined Islamic speech that would serve the needs of the Muslims worldwide, and give them the support they may need.

Another approach is to try and spread the knowledge of Islam to the world. A speech to change the way the world thinks of Islam and to support and serve the needs of the Muslims worldwide.



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