Egypt assigned with presidency of Arab Space Cooperation Group

Sun, 19 Nov 2023 - 01:08 GMT

The Arab Space Cooperation Group unanimously agreed on Sunday that Egypt presides over the organization after nine years of UAE’s chairmanship.

Egyptian Space Agency celebrates 'My Dream in Space'

Wed, 13 Sep 2023 - 04:12 GMT

It gives me a great pleasure to celebrate with you today’s event “My Dream in Space” which connects Chinese astronauts and African Teenagers.

Egypt's MisrSat 2 to be launched from China in October

Tue, 04 Jul 2023 - 07:39 GMT

The remote sensing satellite was delivered to Egypt in March.

Egypt, Russia to sign space cooperation agreement in July 2023

Mon, 26 Jun 2023 - 05:16 GMT

Director of Russia's Roscosmos State Corporation Yuriy Borisov stated that a comprehensive cooperation agreement would be signed with the Egyptian Space Agency in July.

UAE astronaut captures video of Egypt from space

Thu, 30 Mar 2023 - 10:58 GMT

“The words of Late Sheikh Zayed, 'Egypt's renaissance is a renaissance for all Arabs,' remain just as powerful and relevant today as when they were first spoken. His enduring love for Egypt has seeped into the heart of Emiratis nationwide. As I gaze down from space on this land, I extend my greetings to Egypt and its warm people,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Egypt to build the largest astronomical telescope in the country

Sat, 18 Feb 2023 - 09:51 GMT

Egypt is planning to build the largest astronomical telescope in the country as an alternative to the Kattameya Observatory, announced the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Egyptian, Arab astronomers prepare to monitor best comet in 2023

Mon, 16 Jan 2023 - 01:32 GMT

In Egypt, the Katameya Astronomical Observatory, with its 1.8-meter-diameter mirror, began observing the green comet (C / 2022 E3) today, at dawn, January 12, 2023, during its closest point to the sun.

Egypt to establish new observatory in South Sinai with telescope diameter of 6.5M

Tue, 10 Jan 2023 - 03:12 GMT

The diameter of the current observatory's telescope located in Cairo's Qattameya is just 1.9 meters.

Egypt's skies to witness peak of Delta Aquarids meteor shower Thursday

Tue, 26 Jul 2022 - 11:54 GMT

Egypt's skies will witness the peak of the Delta Aquarids meteor shower next Thursday, with the number of meteors reaching about 20 meteors per hour in dark places, and it can be seen with the naked eye provided the sky is dark and free of clouds.

Egypt to launch new satellite from Florida on board of SpaceX's Falcon 9

Wed, 08 Jun 2022 - 04:45 GMT

Egypt will launch Wednesday from Florida a new satellite dubbed “Nilesat 301” on the SpaceX rocket “Falcon 9.”

Egypt’s astronomy research institute posts beautiful picture of Milky Way

Tue, 15 Mar 2022 - 12:41 GMT

The official page of the National Research Institute Of Astronomy & Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt published a picture Tuesday of the galactic arm, which is the spiral arm of the galaxy we live in.

Students at 100 technical schools to learn satellite technology

Thu, 24 Feb 2022 - 09:24 GMT

The protocol also consists of delivering lectures to school students on space technology.

South Korean Amb. visits Egypt’s Space Agency, praises Egypt’s efforts in space sector

Wed, 01 Dec 2021 - 02:09 GMT

The South Korean Ambassador to Cairo Hong Jin-Wook visited the headquarters of the Egyptian Space Agency, Tuesday, where he praised the Egyptian efforts and capabilities, and pushed for furthering bilateral cooperation in space sector.

ICESCO Global Space Science Forum kicks off on November 1

Tue, 26 Oct 2021 - 01:56 GMT

The forum will be held with the participation of high-level officials from specialized international organizations and institutions, as well as astronauts, experts and researchers in space sciences and related industries.

Egypt’s Space City to be officially launched in 2022: Official

Thu, 02 Sep 2021 - 01:06 GMT

The satellite city includes 23 buildings, four of which have been established, and works at five others are underway.

Egyptian Space Agency says Egypt to launch 4 satellites in 2022

Sat, 21 Aug 2021 - 11:07 GMT

The project is part of the strategy of the Egyptian State for upgrading the peaceful use of sciences and space technology, he pointed out in statements to MENA.

Egypt works with 5 fellow African states to build satellite tracking climate change

Mon, 26 Jul 2021 - 02:54 GMT

Those are Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Egypt to launch 2 satellites next year

Sat, 12 Jun 2021 - 02:01 GMT

The“Nexsat 1” weighs 65 kilograms, while the "Egypt Sat-2" satellite weighs 330 kilograms, he added.

Out-of-control Chinese rocket passed by Egypt twice since Thursday: Official

Wed, 05 May 2021 - 04:02 GMT

Many concerns rise as the location where the debris of the rocket will fall and impact could not be identified.

Memory of the day:- Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin makes 1st human flight into space in 1961

Mon, 12 Apr 2021 - 02:07 GMT

On April 12, many important events that changed the world map took place.