Temperature to rise Thursday; Cairo to record 38 °C

Thu, 02 Jul 2020 - 10:40 GMT

Experts said that the weather will improve in Cairo, Northern Coasts and Upper Egypt at night.

Rise in temperature Thursday, Cairo records highs of 34°C

Wed, 03 Jun 2020 - 02:04 GMT

The Meteorological Authority expected a rise in temperature on Thursday, where Cairo will record highs of 34°C.

Heat wave to hit Egypt on Monday only; Cairo records 34°C

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 - 02:26 GMT

There will be a rise in temperature, and a warm weather seen in Cairo, Lower Egypt, Northwestern Coast with moderate winds.

Heat wave to hit Egypt; Cairo records 39°C

Sat, 30 May 2020 - 10:09 GMT

Cairo is expected to record highs of 35°C on Monday, 36°C on Tuesday and 39°C on Wednesday.

Heat wave hits Egypt, temperature records highs of 37°C

Sat, 09 May 2020 - 10:51 GMT

A heat wave will hit the country as of Monday, with the temperature degrees will increase by four degrees Celsius.

Cairo sees rise in temperature Tuesday, records 30°C

Tue, 28 Apr 2020 - 09:51 GMT

Meteorologists expected an increase in temperature degrees on Tuesday, where Greater Cairo will see hot weather during the day, and cold weather at night.

Cairo sees hot dusty weather on 1st day of Ramadan, records 36 °C

Fri, 24 Apr 2020 - 12:07 GMT

However, head of the EMA’s Weather Forecast Department Mahmoud Shahin said that it expected that temperature could decrease by 10 °C on Saturday.

Egypt sees rise in temperature Wednesday, Cairo records 34°C

Tue, 21 Apr 2020 - 03:41 GMT

Over the past week, the country has seen rise in temperature degrees hitting 30°C.

Cairo sees rise in temperature on Sham el-Nessim

Mon, 20 Apr 2020 - 02:14 GMT

Greater Cairo will witness an increase in temperature, recording highs of 29°C and lows of 19°C, on Monday, which marks the old spring festival Sham el-Nessim.

EMA warns of potential drop in temperature in 72 hrs

Wed, 08 Apr 2020 - 11:28 GMT

Shaheen said that the active dust wind, witnessed in most governorates, including Greater Cairo, has ended.

Air quality affected by sand-laden wind in Egypt

Sun, 05 Apr 2020 - 08:43 GMT

The temperature in Cairo is expected to increase by six degrees Celsius to reach 35 degrees, while Alexandria will see a high of 31 and a low of 19.

Dusty winds in Cairo Thursday, temperature to decline Friday

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 - 04:47 GMT

Cairo is expected to witness a decline in temperature on Friday, with a moderate weather during the day, and a very cold weather at night.

Egypt to witness dust storm, rise in temperature Monday

Mon, 23 Mar 2020 - 01:31 GMT

Egypt witnesses Monday active dust storms causing low visibility on most main roads in Cairo and Giza

Cairo sees rainfall, decline in temperature Tuesday

Mon, 16 Mar 2020 - 01:39 GMT

Meteorological experts expected a decline in temperature on Tuesday by 5°C, escorted by slight rainfall and active wind.

EMA expects rise in temperature Sunday; Cairo records 27 °C

Sat, 07 Mar 2020 - 11:59 GMT

EMA has warned of a decrease in temperature degrees on Friday and Saturday by 5 °C after the temperature recorded 28 °C mid last week.

Egyptians warned of worst weather peaks on Saturday

Sat, 18 Jan 2020 - 09:35 GMT

Citizens are advised to wear heavy clothes, especially during the early morning and late at night.

Cairo sees decline in temperature by 6 degrees; rainfall

Wed, 15 Jan 2020 - 02:21 GMT

Egypt will see a sharp decline in temperature as of Thursday, according to Meteorological experts expecting a cold weather accompanied with rainfall.

Dense fog covers Cairo skies, temperature records 8 °C at night

Sat, 11 Jan 2020 - 11:00 GMT

A dense fog has covered the skies of different governorates across Egypt Saturday morning, especially on highways and roads near water surfaces.

Egypt’s unstable weather, cold wave to end next week

Thu, 09 Jan 2020 - 01:03 GMT

Egypt’s unstable weather and cold wave will end soon.

EMA warns of cold weather in 48 hrs, Cairo sees lows of 8°C

Tue, 31 Dec 2019 - 11:55 GMT

Shaheen added that the temperature degrees will continue to decrease during the coming 48 hours, warning citizens of cold weather during day and night hours.