Education Minister

No need to worry about spread of coronavirus among student, teachers: Egypt’s Education min.

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 - 03:18 GMT

Education Minister Tarek Shawky asserted that there is no need to worry about the spread of coronavirus among the students and teachers, adding that preventive measures are precisely applied in the Egyptian schools.

Egypt's Education Ministry announces COVID-19 preventive measures during new school year

Sun, 04 Oct 2020 - 10:20 GMT

The measures will be applicable for both public and private schools, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Secondary school students can adjourn exams: Min.

Thu, 11 Jun 2020 - 11:39 GMT

The Ministry of Education said on Wednesday that the students of high school (Thanaweya Amma) have the right to take the exams this year or postpone them to the next year amid the coronavirus fears.

Education min.: New decisions by end of current week

Tue, 24 Mar 2020 - 09:30 GMT

Shawqi said a package of new decisions will be taken by the end of the current week in view of the latest developments of the coronavirus.

Education Ministry: We seek to remove all obstacles to education process

Sun, 22 Sep 2019 - 01:56 GMT

Ministry of Education and Technical Education seeks to remove all obstacles to the education process and provide a distinguished educational service.

Min. orders investigation as school bus runs over student

Thu, 10 Jan 2019 - 08:52 GMT

Education Minister Tarek Shawki ordered an immediate investigation into the death of a three-year student in Giza after her school’s bus ran over her.

Thanaweya Amma, high school students' merciless battle

Mon, 04 Jun 2018 - 10:01 GMT

Parents of school children would wince at the mere mention of the “Thanaweya Amma”, (Egypt’s national high school)

New education system in Egypt to be like Finnish one

Mon, 11 Dec 2017 - 08:35 GMT

Arabic, English and an optional third language will be taught in the primary stage, and the technical education will be taught in the preparatory stage.

Education Minister won’t resign: spokesperson

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 - 02:06 GMT

Education Minister Tarek Shawqi is working regularly and has no intention of resigning in light of controversial statements attributed to him during an interview with a national newspaper.