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Fri, 21 Jul 2017 - 07:21 GMT


Fri, 21 Jul 2017 - 07:21 GMT

Photos courtesy by Yusef Serafy

Photos courtesy by Yusef Serafy

CAIRO – 21 July 2017: When you are always on the go and do not have time to sit down with a personal trainer, but you have an internet connection (which is basically like air at this point), you can still get fit and healthy; with online coaching, you have no more excuses to be lazy. Yusef Serafy is here to guide you through it all.

Serafy started off his career as an engineer and kept at it for several years; until he took his passion for fitness that had started at a young age seriously, and started educating himself for several years, after that he was ready to take his passion to a professional level.

That’s where Yusef Serafy fitness comes in:

I really take pride in staying on all of the cutting edge aspects of health and fitness. YS Fitness is designed to guide and motivate each and every client by developing a higher level of health and well-being rather than generalized ineffective exercise plans.

I create tailor made exercise and nutrition programs focusing on the client's specific goals and needs, body type and lifestyle, However, above everything , you have to find what motivates you, get off that couch and tell me what your goals are, so I can help you reach them!

I ask my clients to do an in body composition test then I send them a form that includes every question I might have for them to answer. Once I receive all the information needed, I start tailoring the program based on their goals and lifestyle, then they receive their very own tailored training and nutrition plan within 3 to 4 days maximum.

The plan includes a pdf with their training routine as well as their diet. We constantly keep in touch via phone calls, WhatsApp or face time if they live abroad so I can track the progress on weekly basis.

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