Maspero Triangle

Egypt's Prime Minister follows up development works of Maspero Triangle, Tahrir Square

Mon, 27 Apr 2020 - 02:09 GMT

Madbouli ordered to swiftly complete housing works of units allocated for families who will return to live in the area located in Cairo.

ET visits ‘Maspero Triangle’ construction site

Sun, 10 Nov 2019 - 02:09 GMT

The duration set to accomplish the project is 18 months and is due to finish in June 2021.

Demolition in Maspero to end in 2 weeks: Cairo governor

Mon, 09 Apr 2018 - 02:07 GMT

Cairo governor Atef Abdel Hamid visited Monday the Maspero triangle to monitor the ongoing demolition of the triangle’s slums.

Government compensates relocated Maspero residents

Thu, 05 Apr 2018 - 06:40 GMT

Deputy Governor of Cairo Mohamed Ayman said that all the residents of the Maspero triangle have been compensated for the demolished property

Maspero Triangle development to be completed over next 3 years

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 - 10:01 GMT

Twenty percent of residents in Maspero Triangle, the largest slum in Cairo, agreed to be relocated while development works are undertaken in the area.

Displaced Maspero residents receive LE600M compensation

Sat, 03 Jun 2017 - 09:30 GMT

Eighty percent of residents will receive financial compensation to move, while others will get new units.