The Art of Confidence

Mon, Jun. 18, 2018

For leading plastic surgeon Karim Rafla, going under the knife should be all about becoming the most beautiful version of ourselves and feeling confident, rather than attempting to look different.

The Longstanding Egypt-Russia Cultural Connection

Sun, Jun. 17, 2018

From cinema to music, theater and literature, Egyptian culture takes much from the Russian tradition.

Finding their way to Umm El-Dunya

Sat, Jun. 16, 2018

We speak to longtime Russian residents in the capital and on the coastline about why they chose to stay put when other expats left.

Kahk Uncontested

Fri, Jun. 15, 2018

Ramadan may have its basboussa, kunafa and qatayef jostling for space on the dessert table, but come Eid one cookie reigns supreme: kahk. Food blogger Tasbih Sallam shares her modern-day recipe for the traditional Eid treat.

Ramadan and the Rise of the Food Business

Thu, Jun. 14, 2018

Mona El Banna, owner of MonAppetit cooking academy, walks us through the business of food during Ramadan and the secrets to having a successful F&B business all year round.

Make a Different kind of Difference this Ramadan

Wed, Jun. 13, 2018

Ramadan is a time for doing good and giving back, but giving back doesn’t always have to be through the same old charitable forms.

The Evolution of the Ramadan Fanous

Wed, Jun. 13, 2018

Traditional fanous makers and sellers are fighting to save their business in the face of an influx of “trendy” modern lanterns—newest among them the Mohamed Salah fanous—taking the market by storm.

Hypothesis: Don’t Mix! Chocolate and Simple Syrup

Wed, Jun. 13, 2018

Competition is fierce among high-end pastry shops, who are all scrambling to churn out “innovative” sweets. The results are dessert-asters marrying traditional sweets with flavors, toppings and trimmings that should never be mixed.