Hend Safwat

Moderate weather on Thursday, Cairo 24°C

Thu, Nov. 29, 2018

The Metrological Authority predicts moderate weather across Egypt on Nov.29 during day-time, while cold weather is predicted across Egypt at night

ET presents Egypt's most attractive winter destinations

Wed, Nov. 28, 2018

We usually find ourselves searching for winter havens. Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world, especially in winter.

6 curious stories behind the origin of Egyptian dishes

Mon, Nov. 12, 2018

Food plays a vital role in every country’s culture, so every country has its own unique dishes which make its cuisine special. The Italian cuisine is famous for pasta, England is known for fish and potatoes and Egypt is famed for Koshari, Molokhia and Aro

Moderate weather on Monday, Cairo 25°C

Mon, Nov. 12, 2018

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) expects moderate weather on Egypt’s northern coast, Cairo and the rest of country on Monday during the day-time, while cold weather is predicted across Egypt at night.

Why Sharm El-Sheikh serves as tourist, conferences destination

Sat, Nov. 3, 2018

In 2000, the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized Sharm El-Sheikh as the finest city in the world for peace and beauty.‎

How Egypt’s top 5 governorates got their names

Sun, Sep. 2, 2018

Egypt has twenty-seven governorates. We live and travel within these governorates, but we rarely think about how these governorates got their names. We will explore the meaning of some Egyptian governorates’ names and who named them.

Egypt’s FM heads to Washington ahead of Sisi’s visit to US

Sun, Aug. 5, 2018

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry will head to Washington on Monday morning in preparation for President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi's upcoming visit to the US.

Top 5 famous stories of Egypt’s sculptures within Cairo thoroughfares

Wed, Jul. 25, 2018

Cairo thoroughfares contain around 26 stunning statues and sculptures commemorating Egyptian role models.