He is no more part of us: Weiler on Saleh Gomaa


Mon, 20 Jan 2020 - 11:15 GMT

Saleh Gomaa - file

Saleh Gomaa - file

Swiss coach Rene Weiler announced his final decision regarding Saleh Gomaa, noting that "he will have no role with us."

Weiler answered the question (What do you think of Saleh Gomaa's last statements?), Saying: "Although I do not read what is written in the media, I really knew what he said."

He added in his statements during the press conference, "Any footballer has two parts; one technical and the other is mental. Saleh Gomaa have the technical side, but he does not have the mental aspect of the focus, and the evidence for this is that he was fined by the club more than once."

"Saleh Gomaa will not have any role with us. I wish him success in any other team."

Al-Ahly decided to fine Saleh Gomaa due to his absence from training without permission. The fate of Saleh Gomaa became clear and the player was already close to leaving Al-Ahly in January, according to Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the club's football director.



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