The road to the second winter signing is going well: Sayed Abdelhafiz


Wed, 25 Dec 2019 - 08:23 GMT

Sayed Abdelhafiz - file

Sayed Abdelhafiz - file

Al-Ahly football manager Syed Abdul Hafeez said that the move is underway in two directions regarding the completion of the second winter deal to strengthen the team's list.

Abdel Hafeez added, "We have reached advanced steps regarding the second winter deal, but it is preferable not to rush to announce it in anticipation of any developments that are beyond our control."

He pointed out via Al-Hadath channel, "January is 31 days, yes it is possible to take advantage of winter deals starting from the month, but there are 30 days."

He continued, "I will not deny that we are going in good steps. Contractual matters may not be appropriate on the financial level, whether with the player or his club."

Regarding the possibility of hiring an attacker or a defender, Sayed Abdel Hafeez replied, "I will not specify a specific position. There may be a surprise in the exercises, conveying our thoughts and calculations to support a completely different position."

Al Ahly signed Mahmoud Kahraba two weeks ago as their first winter signing.



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