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Mahrez chooses his favorite titles

Tue, Dec. 24, 2019
The Algerian Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City midfielder, chose the most important championships he won in his professional career.

"The most important tournament I got was the 2019 African Nations Cup in Egypt with my country," Mahrez told the beIN sports network.

He explained, "He has witnessed many feelings and the title represents a lot to me because of my family and country."

"The Premier League title with Leicester City was a tremendous achievement that no one expected, but we achieved it."

Besides the two titles, Mahrez has achieved 3 titles with Manchester City this year, the League, the England Cup and the Professional League Cup.

On what characterizes his country, Algeria, Mahrez explained, "The Algerian people love football, talk about it constantly, and have an enormous passion for it."
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