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Fri, 15 Jun 2018 - 08:00 GMT


Fri, 15 Jun 2018 - 08:00 GMT

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr after performing Eid prayer at El-Sedeek Mosque- Hazem Abdel Samad

Egyptians celebrate Eid al-Fitr after performing Eid prayer at El-Sedeek Mosque- Hazem Abdel Samad

CAIRO – 15 June 2018: During Eid al Fitr, Muslims celebrate the end of the holly month of Ramadan and being able to resume their normal lives and activities after a concentrated dosage of spiritual activities.

All Egyptians, Muslims and Coptic alike, enjoy Eid al Fitr vacation in numerous places outdoors, with family and friends. However, a lot of people are confused and cannot make up their minds as to where they should spend the Eid vacation, especially when one wants to enjoy their time on a tight budget.

All the way from Alexandria to Aswan, Egypt Today looks at possible spots to spend eid.

Bahary District Alexandria

Entrance is free for Anfoushi Beach located in the Bahary District Alexandria.

Family and friends could enjoy the sea while having snacks all day on the white sand.

Water sports could be enjoyed too as long as you bring your equipment with you.

Citadel of Qaitbay is a few steps away from the Anfoushi beach; the ticket is as low as LE 20.

Morsy Abo El Abbas Mosque is also located in this ancient area. This mosque is considered historical and illustrates a certain era in Egyptian history.

A tiny harbor is also located in the area, where individuals could easily rent tiny boats to enjoy a simple cruise near the shore of the beach. Larger boats could also be rented in other bigger harbors near the citadel. Prices are very low and should not exceed the equivalent of $2.

Many souvenirs can be found in the area are mainly made of “dried fish” or other sea creatures that may seem uncommon for many. In the same area there is an aquarium that displays really strange and beautiful marine creatures that are mummified. The entrance price for the Aquarium is LE 10.

Montaza District (Park) Alexandria

For LE 25 only, one could enjoy 370 acres of vast green fields.

The fields are surrounded by a masterpiece of a castle that was once occupied by the ruling Alawi Family that represented a certain era in Egyptian history.

In the Montaza park, individuals could enjoy seeing the different series of castles that surround the place while enjoying the greenery and the scent of the colorful flowers.
Families can also bring all the food and beverages they want and enjoy a day out in the sun in the midst of rare flowers and greenery.

Al Qalyubiyah

Al Qalyubiyah is famous for having numerous public parks and gardens for individuals and families to enjoy, especially during Eid al Fitr due to the fact that many families tend to go out in this area to enjoy the beautiful natural scenes and take pictures for memories.

The two most visitied parks by Egyptians during Eid al Fitr are: “Al Kanater Al Khairiya,” where they usually enjoy 300-year-old trees spread over an area of 500 Acres; and, “Al Reyah Al Tawfeeke” (River in) that offers exotic natural beauty and a waterfall where one can take pictures.

There, families can enjoy boat rides and enjoy a day out with minimal expenses.
Another crowd favorite is in Al Qalyubiah’s Banha: Sicily Garden, which offers exotic and natural scenery along the Nile River.


Princess Feryal’s Garden is a spot of natural beauty where families and locals can enjoy and spend a great day outdoors in the city of Aswan.

King Farouk’s castle in Aswan is also a place for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the view of the sun as it sets on the river Nile. In different areas in the castle, vast gardens with beautiful flowers could be seen surrounding the place. With an intriguing design that offers an architectural masterpiece, King Farouk’s castle is considered by locals as one of the perfect spots to spend Eid.

Marsa Matrouh

Home to famous beaches that have become all too well-known through classic Egyptian movies, Matrouh is part of all of us, really. Growing up with a TV blasting to Farid Shawky’s laugh or Soad Hosni’s cheekiness, Matrouh embodies all that we grew up watching: love, calmness, beauty and building that take you back some 50 years. This is not to say that the city is outdated, just that its buildings have retained their old beauty.

Locals and visitors alike tend to enjoy the beaches in Marsa Matrouh as it offers a beautiful blue sea with white sands. The beaches there are very clean and the air is not as polluted as the other major cities in Egypt.

During Eid, there are also numerous events that are organized by local youth organizations. Perhaps one of the most interesting part of these events are the mobile flights called “Zarda,” in the local Bedouin dialect, in which the youths share the expenses of foods and drinks during their adventures in the area. Bedouin food is cooked and numerous outdoor activities are enjoyed.


Two famous gardens are found in the city of Sohag, both of which offer a great place for families and friends to enjoy Eid al Fitr: “Gazeerat al Zohoor” Garden (Island of Flowers Garden) and Qraman Garden.

A short walk away from Sohag’s museum, the Island of Flowers Garden is in the middle of the River Nile.



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