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Fri, 29 Dec 2017 - 07:00 GMT


Fri, 29 Dec 2017 - 07:00 GMT

Bag by Coach

Bag by Coach

The past year has seen everything in the fashion world; from neon eyeliner and smudged lipstick to furry sliders and slippers that look more like your granny’s house slippers than something you should be caught wearing in public. We even saw fake nose hair trending on social media and the eyebrows seem to be getting thicker and wider by the month.

Nonetheless, we’ve seen some nicer, more practical trends this past year; from the rise of the sneakers to the glorious comeback of the backpack. Here’s a look back at the fashion trend essentials of 2017.

Florals and sheer fabrics


This trend was one of the biggest for the past year, ranging from the 1970s romantic, flowing floral on sheer fabrics to the 1980s bolder, more vibrant patterns and Madonna-inspired designs. Sheer coupled with oversized blazers and high-waisted straight jeans, sheer blouses with pussy bows and all the way to sheer, classic shirts in androgynous designs; the fabric was used in various styles and for various occasions.

Off shoulder, cold shoulder, deconstructed one shoulder and oversized shoulders


Whatever you do, just don’t go with normal shoulders, grab a pair of scissors and make a hole if you need to, just don’t go with plain, old shoulders.

Designers seemed obsessed with shoulders this year, from asymmetrical, deconstructed and cold shoulders to the plain old off-shoulders and all the way to padded shoulders on oversized blazers.

Oversized sleeves


Whether it is a dress or a shirt, oversized sleeves were big in 2017, especially in summer. Ranging from bell sleeves on off-shoulder tops to slit sleeves on silky numbers, oversized sleeves complemented the dramatic looks that were typical of this past year.

The 1980s

Big jackets, chokers, bold metallic outfits and dark lipsticks; the 1980s were back in fashion and every 80’s kid felt right up his ally this year.

Fake fur jackets


Furs have been in and out of the fashion scene for the past decade, ranging from vests to fur collars and even fur sliders; but this past year saw the bolder, less-apologetic fur trend. Big, boxy fake fur jackets dominated the fashion scene last year.

Platforms and sneakers


Finally, someone up there on the runway considered the excruciating pains us, women, go through day in, day out and decided to make comfy footwear trendy. Unlike previous trends that put our feet to pure torture we will not forget or forgive the person who came up with pointy stilettos with sky-high, skinny heels this past year was all about comfort. Flatforms and sneakers not only flew for summer parties but were even big hits for trendy formal wear.

Rainbow-inspired, bright stripes


Summer 2017 was full of bright stripes in all forms; whether broad stripes on flared trousers or slimmer ones on shirt dresses, but the bolder, wider the pants, the trendier it seemed, apparently.



The backpack made a huge comeback last year, which is one trend we are definitely rallying behind.

Although deemed nerdy for a good few years, the backpack was kind of bags in 2017, and we do hope the trend stays alive and well next year.

Not only are they practical for the student, the executive and even the mother especially the mother, if we may add they are also brilliant for posture.

Crop tops


One of these trends that are impossible to pull off, the crop tops were mostly exclusive to the younger age group with flat tummies or older ladies who are lucky enough to pull off showing their midriffs on a night out or a day on the beach.

Mostly, though, people stuck with high-waist bottoms coupled with crop tops that sit just right for a day out in the city.

Graphic Tees


Flashing expressive words on shirts was big in the fashion scene this year, from women empowerment slogans to sassy sentences, most major retailers stocked at least half-a-dozen different designs of graphic tees. The good thing about the trend, however, is that many retailers targeting teenagers and young adults carried feminist slogans, which is a silver lining in an otherwise self-image-crushing industry.



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