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Thu, 14 Dec 2017 - 04:54 GMT


Thu, 14 Dec 2017 - 04:54 GMT

“Beautiful diversity on the stage... We are One” - @modestfashionweeks on Instagram - Photo by @rooful

“Beautiful diversity on the stage... We are One” - @modestfashionweeks on Instagram - Photo by @rooful

CAIRO – 14 December 2017: The first Dubai Modest Fashion Week drew to a close this past weekend, with grand success. It follows the success of its predecessors, the Istanbul and London Modest Fashion weeks.

Designers from over 20 countries put on over 40 fashion shows, 50 brand booths, interactive workshops and talks. Many celebrities and influencers were in attendance, such as Dilyara Sadrieva, a pioneer of modest fashion in Russia, Passant Saleh, clinical nutrition specialist (MD) and lifestyle influencer, Habiba de Silva, an international influencer based in the UK with over a million followers on social media and Halima Aden, the first hijabi model to be signed by IMG.

The event organizers were ThinkFashion, founded by Franka Soeria and Özlem Şahin, two young fashion entrepreneurs and Red Connect. In a recent interview with The National, Soeria explained their choice to hold the event in Dubai, saying, “after we did Istanbul, many cities asked us to come and show. So, we did London and that went really well and then we thought about the Middle East and we realized that Dubai is one of the most recognized [cities]. It is the perfect area; it is international, open and it shares our view that modesty is a choice, so we don’t have to work hard to explain what we are trying to do.”

On the gap in the fashion industry she added: “Why does the modest fashion industry even exist? Because women used to go to western brands, see a beautiful skirt, but one with a big slit in it that they needed to alter. So, modest fashion exists because of necessity, because of function.”

The 100 brands showcasing their collections included Anotah, Desert Cove, Anggia Handmade, Devi Janeeta, Maison Fatma and many more.

Take a look at a quick round up of the shows:

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