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Thu, 28 Sep 2017 - 08:23 GMT


Thu, 28 Sep 2017 - 08:23 GMT

Sphinx -BlueMix - Pixabay

Sphinx -BlueMix - Pixabay

CAIRO – 28 September 2017: The whole world is celebrating World Tourism Day.A day where we remind ourselves how beautiful and diverse our planet Earth is, and how traveling is one of the greatest joys of life! That is why we saw it fit to make you a destination guide of some of the beautiful place you can visit in Egypt.

While the First places that would pop up in your mind would be the


sand then

Luxor and Aswan

. Those choices would be amazing choice indeed, still you should know that Egypt has much, much, more to offer.

Karnak and milky way - George Geo

First off, your might want to taste Egypt’s most authentic dish for breakfast, we are serving Alexandrian ful: if you ever happen to travel to Alexandria, make sure to pass by the "Mohamed Ahmed, Ful and Falafel" restaurant in downtown Raml Station.

Food at Mohamed Ahmed restaurant - Egypt Today

The Mohamed Ahmed restaurant

, the most famous Oriental Egyptian restaurant in Alexandria since 1957, was visited by Spain’s Queen Sofia in 1989, the famous singer Demis Rossos, international actor Omar El-Sherif, Nobel prize-winning writer Naguib Mahfouz, comic writer Mostafa Hussein, famous actor Foad al-Mohandes and director Salah Abo Seif.They all left a remarkable comment in the restaurant menu that is still one of the trademarks of the place.

If you wish to visit a cool isolated place in the middle of the sea then go toCastle of Saladin on Pharaoh’s Island in Taba: Located 10 kilometers away from the city of Al Aqaba, 250 meters away from the Egyptian borders, and after a beautiful ride from Taba’s coast, you will find the castle of Saladin on Pharaoh’s Island in Taba City.

Pharaoh’s Island

is one of Taba’s main attractions, and it is simply breathtaking. The small island, surrounded by the outstanding blue and turquoise waters of the Red Sea, was once a Phoenician port, later occupied by Crusaders and then taken under control by Sultan Salah El Din (Saladin). The island and the castle remain intact. The reef around the island is popular with snorkelers and divers alike, Egypt State Information service reported.

Castle of Saladin in the Island of Pharaoh in Taba city

While in Taba, do not forget to stop by Fjord Bay:

This amazingly beautiful bay that you meet on your way from Cairo to Taba is just 15 km south of Taba. The road is carved between valleys and above mountains. Apart from the stunning beauty of the mountains, the Fjord Bay meets you with a spectacular sea with different shades of blue. Usually people go to take some photos there and watch the scenery. But you might as well swim or camp there. The Fjord is a spectacular diving spot in the spectacular scenery of the Bay with the dazzling coral reefs.

Fiord bay – Ahmedherz Wikimedia Commons

And do not forget that


still have a lot to offer; if you are looking to have a relaxing time at a natural retreat then

Salt Cave

is the sport for you:

Its walls and ceiling are completely covered in salt that was brought from the Siwa Oasis, which is famous for having the finest types of salt in the world. The floors they are made from salt cubes that were brought from the Dead Sea. All you need to do is go in and lie on a chaise longue under the calming lights, listen to soft music, bury your feet in salt and enjoy being surrounded by the purity of the color white and the freshness of clean air.

Chaise lounge in salt cave, Taba - Mohamed Elnjjar – Egyptian Tourism Campaigns/Facebook

While you are still in the Red Sea area your options are almost infinite, whether you want to visit some of Egypt’s most famous resort cities, such as the gorgeous



From gorgeous coral reefs and beautiful mountains that are easy to climb to Bedouin settings, colorful surroundings and sea spots where you can go scuba diving or even free diving.Moving to Dahab has become a trend among young Egyptians, as they see it as the land of beauty and opportunity.

Dahab - Best Places in Egypt/Facebook

Ras Shaitan

: is a piece of heaven on Egyptian land that you really should pay a visit to, but before you go, here is everything you need to know about it. It takes around six hours from Cairo, and the trip is not expensive, especially if you are going to use your own car, or if a group of friends rent a minivan. Driving your own car would be better than going through a transportation companies. If you are going to take a bus, you will get off at Nuweiba, but make sure to know where you will get off, because it is not an official stop. Enjoy gathering around a campfire with your friends. The night sky there is so clear you can spend hours counting stars.

Ras Shaitan - Egypt’s best Hang out Places – Facebook

There are also a few breathtaking islands such as

Zabargad Island


It is an island that is rich with natural rocks formation, Sea marine life, corals and breeding birds; at least nine species of birds are known to breed there. Octopuses, crocodile fish, and eel fish to name a few are present near its shore. It is also considered one of the biggest islands within the foul Bay, Egypt and a geologically unique place known for theTopaz rocks within its layers.

Zabargad Island – Ahmed Shawky

Then, there is Sharm El Sheikh and all the places you could go there, but before you reach you should make one stop at


: When you are there and after you are done enjoying the view you can hike Mount Moses for sport or spiritual purposes. It has an easy trail, except perhaps for the 1,000 steps leading to the summit. At its foothill, there is the beautiful St. Catherine Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Eye bird view of Red sea at El-Tor Mount – By Karim Photography

As for Sharm El Sheikh, there are many great spots such as

Nabq reserve

: which is located in the Gulf of Aqaba. The place has been a natural reserve since 1992. And it is not just nature that is overwhelming there; Nomadic tribes live in the area and we guarantee you that you will be taken by their authenticity and wisdom once you meet them.

Resting place – Sinia trekking

Ras Mohammed protectorate

is also a great spot to stop by, It is a national park located at the confluence of the Gulf of Suez and Aqaba, 12 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh.

The eastern edge of Ras Mohammed is a rocky wall where the coral reefs are located about 250 meters long, and they contain a wide range of vertebrate and invertebrate underwater species, and you may occasionally find dolphins.

Ras Mohammed Underwater - by Michela Simoncini- via Flickr

Your next stop is Hurghada, with a variety of perfect destinations to choose from. There is no wonder Hurghada is one of the most famous Egyptian travel destinations. For instance if you Happen to be in Hurghada and looking for a place that is not crowded yet still more gorgeous than you can imagine, then

Giftun Island

is what you are looking for:

Just 11 kilometers (9 miles) from Hurghada, there’s a little heavenly island called Giftun.It is the best place for water sports in Hurghada and the whole Red Sea governorate! You can also go boating, snorkeling near the coral reef, or simply sunbath and chill in the island’s gorgeous surroundings of white sands and crystal clear water.

Little sand island near Giftun- Egypt’s best Hang out Places – Facebook

As for

El Gouna

, it is the most astounding village in Hurghada where "Zaitona Beach" is located. Speaking of El Gouna, it is the true meaning of hospitality, irrespective of where you stay, it is enough to say that everyone is wearing a smile. As for Zaitona Beach, it is much more than a beautiful island, easy to reach from downtown El Gouna, it is surrounded by sea, lagoons, and amazing coral reefs. It stands as the most suitable location for snorkeling. Zaitona Beach has its own various services such as drinks, food, bathrooms, and fresh-water showers. The beach also provides several beach sports such as volleyball, football, and even dancing lessons.

Zaytouna - photo courtesy Face book Page (Best. places. Egypt)

El Gouna resort in Hurghada, Egypt in September 2017- Hussein Tallal

There is one more stop before you leave, right off Hurghada is a spot called “

Sha`b Abu Nuhas

,” which mainly consists of coral reefs that formed on sunken ships since the year 1969. Go on an adventure inspecting the sunken ships and enjoy the beauty of gorgeous fish and the company of divers from all around the world. Abu Nahas is just an hour from El Gouna.

Abu Nahas – Curtsey of Best Hang out Places in Egypt/Facebook)

Now off to

Marsa Alam

we go! Atop the international beach rankings comes "Sharm El Louly Beach" in Marsa Alam. It is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which has become famous recently. Travelers will feel a similarity between this charming beach and Maldives'.

Marsa Alaam is the perfect choice whether you prefer a sea cruise or a land trip. Being located along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, Marsa Alam has become known as the primary destination for diving enthusiasts visiting Egypt and thanks to its lively dive centers filled with rainbow-colored corals and a variety of underwater wildlife.

Nayzak Lake, Marsa Alaam - photo courtesy Face book Page (Best. places. Egypt)

And while you are there do not forget to check out

Waddi Qulaan

, a unique quiet resort town south of Marsa Alam on the Red Sea. Qulaan boasts vast tracts of large mangrove trees growing in the salty water among 140 other types of plants that host many of the endemic birds and give the area a breathtaking scenery.

Wadi Qulaan – CC via Wikimedia commons/ Maha Helmy

Speaking of Marsas, we cannot leave without stopping by Marsa Matrouh and its miraculous beach “



The Mediterranean beach is named after a “wondrous” rock formation and cliffs surrounding a narrow coast. The shades of blues of the beach, mixed with the soft white sand and the unique tall rock formations with multiple shades of orange and yellow make the scene out of this world.

Ageeba Beach – Matrouh Facebook page

But, if you are in the mood for a less popular option, a more isolated magical place, then go southwest to Marsa Matrouh, where you will find to


: Located south-west of the Mediterranean town Marsa Matrouh and below the sea level as it is, Siwa Oasis is full of stunning nature landscapes not to be missed. There is something about Siwa casts a spell on visitors to come back.

Just do not forget to pack your swimming suit with you. Yes, that is right! It is a desert Safari and you will need a swimming suit though. And it will not be any ordinary swimming. You will swim in natural springs known for their reviving qualities. Trust our choice; the trip will be different as promised.

Photo of nature landscapes at Siwa Oasis - File Photo

And maybe spend a night at The White Mountain, or

Adrer Amelie

, which has recently joined the list of the 10 weirdest hotels in the world, according to the CNN. The Eco lodge is 300 kilometers away from the sea, within Siwa’s Oasis, southwest Marsa Matrouh city, and is built using salt, and mud, with palm wood and olive trees too. An eco-friendly hotel that nurtures the soul; it also offers a luxurious service to its guests.

overview of the hotel – Courtesy of the Marsa Matrouh Page

You can always stop by

Ain Sokhna

.It is a mere 90-minute drive from Cairo, making it an ideal destination for even a one-day trip that doesn’t interrupt one’s work or school schedule. You can enjoy the breathtaking view with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, or take part in the myriad activities available, from fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and barbequing.

Ain Sokhna – courtsey of Best hang out places in Egypt - Facebook

And in case you are a nature lover, there are plenty of magnificent protectorates in Egypt, such as:


Wadi Degla

, reservoir is found at Maadi in Cairo, within the Eastern Dessert. The reservoir is 60 kilometers wide and includes lime stone rock formations.


Wadi Sannur Cave

, in Bani Suef governorate, which is located about 115 km south of Cairo is one of the unique places dating back to 65 million years of the Middle Eocene Epoch, which was known to have lasted from 56 to 33.9 million years. The name Eocene comes from the Ancient Greek culture.

Wadi Sannur Cave-Egypt Today


Ashtum El Gamil Protectorate

, Tennis Island and a few other islands (all considered part of the Ashtum Al Gamil Protectorate) in the Lake Manzala area are known for their diverse ecological and biological systems.

Ashtum Al Gamil Protectorate - Mohamed Kamal Wikimedia commons

And still Egypt has many more obscure magical places in each and every one of its governorates, such as

Fayoum’s Magic Lake


Minya’s Corniche


The Magic Lake in Fayoum – Facebook

Minya - Sondos Ahmed - Wikimedia commons

#ThisIsEgypt,and it has much more to offer you, so enjoy it.



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