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Fri, 01 Sep 2017 - 08:00 GMT


Fri, 01 Sep 2017 - 08:00 GMT

Local Products for Her - Egypt Today

Local Products for Her - Egypt Today

Cairo – 01 September 2017: Eid el Adha celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ismail. Hence, every Eid, Muslims from all around the world celebrate this cause (Abraham and Ismail) by sacrificing a sheep to God; plus family members exchange gifts with one and another.

The concept of gift giving and Adya (giving money as a gift) to family members has become an old tradition; however nowadays people have started to favor receiving gifts over receiving money (for sentimental reasons).

So if you are out of gift ideas and do not know what to get your mother, sister, best friend, girlfriend, fiancée or wife, here are a few local and international brands that will save you time and effort.


: Egyptian designers and sisters Aya, and Mounaz Abdelraouf launched their brand Okhtein in 2013 in Egypt. They create luxury accessories such as clutches and bags which make the perfect gift for women in every age group.


: Suhayla Al-Sheikh an Egyptian jewelry designer created Sandbox. The brand offers new edgy Jewelry that are a must have for all women and young girls.


: Mohanad is known for his taste for bold fashion. He has dressed many Egyptian celebrities such as; Nahed Al-Sebai, Dorra, Hana Shiha and many more. Hence, getting an outfit for your mother, sister, best friend, girlfriend, fiancée or wife will be a great gift for Eid and I assure you she will thank you.


: An Egyptian handcrafted eyewear brand and designer, that aims to disrupt the accessory scene in Egypt and the MENA Region. This is a perfect brand to get chic, fashionable sunglasses for your wife, or girlfriend.

Klozet X: Only founded this year and the brand has already made an impact on the Egyptian fashion scene. It’s all about creating chic and modern fashion for young girls and women. The outfits are casual and can be worn while you are hanging out with friends and family.


: CottonBall was founded in 2013 by two Egyptian entrepreneurs, Ahmed Habib and Zena Sallam. The brand offers a variety of basic t-shirts in all colors, shapes and sizes. All of their products are made in Egypt using the finest cotton.

Les Miniatures

: Les Miniatures is a brand that was created by two lifelong best friends; Farah Yasser and Hanna Hazem. The brand focuses on displaying different stories and transforming them into wearable art. The best friends aim to create high-end luxury bags that can make your whole outfit stand out.

Dima Jewelry

: Dima Rashid is a Palestinian who was born in Kuwait, grew up in Canada and now resides in Egypt. Her jewelry is a reflection of her background and settlement in Egypt. All her designs are made of 18k gold, precious stones and diamonds.

Reem Jano

: Reem Jano Jewelry was founded in 2015 by the brand’s namesake. Her latest collection, ‘Arabesque,’ is inspired by the geometrical shapes of Arabic art bathed in shimmering gold, and cut in rhythmic linear patterns highlighting their modernity.

House of Select:

Select jewelry or House of Select jewelry is one of the oldest jewelry houses in Egypt. House of Select jewelry carries pieces of heritage since the time of Egyptian monarchy. It was founded in 1923 by an Italian expat name Folina. The house dressed some of Egypt’s most notable personage, including King Farouk himself, his wives, children and other members of the Royal Family. After the 1952 revolution, Folina left Egypt and the ownership of the store went to Samy Abdou Youssef.

Maison Saédi

: Ahmed Saédi is an engineer and self-taught designer. At the beginning of his career, he thought that he should work more on his designs. Hence, he took a fashion history class, he started reading more about fashion, and he started working on his mistakes until he developed into being the designer that he is right now.

JAZZY Shades

: Yasmine Seoud, founder of JAZZY, has been in love with sunglasses “since forever.” With a good experience in marketing and public relations, Seoud decided to establish her own Egyptian sunglasses brand. As the name entails, JAZZY is all about funk, fun, fashion and affordability with premium-quality lenses and materials. JAZZY has established a following in a short time, selling their pieces online through their website and in several boutiques around Greater Cairo. Their latest summer collection features a lot of color, mirrored lenses and unusual, cool shapes.



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