Meet the mother who practices Pilates by the sea shore



Mon, 14 Aug 2017 - 12:08 GMT


Mon, 14 Aug 2017 - 12:08 GMT

Fit By The Sea

Fit By The Sea

CAIRO - 14 August 2017: Meet the mom of three aged 2 to 4 that happens to be an inspiration as well on how to handle motherhood the easy and effective way.

Yasmin Tarek, originally a fitness enthusiast and a passionate traveler for a long period of her life that fell in love with Pilates and chose to live by the Sea at Hurghada with her small family.

Being busy handling a family usually gets the toll on mothers in their early years of motherhood. Learning not wait for the storm to pass and instead how to dance in the rain is a life changing experience.

“Fit by the sea is my latest adventure. As a mother of three young children and a fitness enthusiast I wanted to come up with solutions for busy real life people, part of my passion is helping mothers who feel stuck with their little ones and so I came up with the mommy 'n me class, where we all meet with our little ones to work out. It's a fun class for the moms and the babies,” said Tarek to Egypt Today.

During a class- Fit By The Sea

Yasmin was able to balance between being a busy mother with her passion to travel and stay fit. She even took it to a new level and started a profession that keeps her spirit up and busy with the things she loves.

Believing that every mother out there should be able to have her own time Yasmin designed a flexible system that is easily applied from the comfort of mother's own home.

Such an inspiration to allow the passion of travel and give it the freedom it takes.

Drained mothers suffer during keeping their kids healthy, and thus meeting mum's own need first is the key to a healthy family.

Yasmin exercising – Fit By The Sea

Big cities are always attractive to live in because of accessibility of all the services and the easy chance for a nourished business. Answering your soul's call and living in a small beautiful city must be done wisely to be able to keep your life going.

Widening her business she decided to offer service through Skype and online programs too. Highlighting the fact that a busy mother who travels does not usually have to be about going to the gym a priority on her top list.

So if you are visiting Hurghada soon you may be able to meet the beautiful family.

The small family – Fit By The Sea



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