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Thu, 31 Mar 2022 - 07:29 GMT


Thu, 31 Mar 2022 - 07:29 GMT

CAIRO - 31 March 2022: Forget about the old days, Shahid VIP is now available within the Sling application! Yes! You heard that right. With a press of a button, anyone can watch absolutely almost any Arabic content they please. With a press of a button, you can access hundreds of shows, wherever you like, whenever you like!

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So why are we super excited about our Shahid integration?

Sling TV already and for years, has been providing its U.S. subscribers with the latest and the greatest Arabic content there is. And while doing this, we partnered with Shahid VIP to bring in even more exciting content to our subscribers. And now, we have finally merged both apps in one press of a button! This means that all channels, live streaming and on demand shows are within reach with a simple click. For a smoother experience and an even more exciting Ramadan ahead. That way, no one is gonna miss a single show this coming holy month.

Let's delve deeper into what will be available through our Shahid VIP library this Ramadan.

El Meshwar: This Ramadan, Mohamed Ramadan takes us on one of his many adventures as a fisherman who finds himself involved in endless loops of illegal antiquitie trading and many more turmoils. The show is directed by Mohamed Yassin, written by Mohamed Farid, and produced by Saady - Gohar Group. Along with Mohamed Ramadan comes Dina Elsherbiny, Amr Abdul Gelil and Bayoumy Foad.

Al Ekhteyaar S3: Ahmed El Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz take us on another exciting and heart shattering story in El Ekhteyaar. The show is directed by Peter Tamimi, written by Hani Sarhan, and produced by Synergy Group. Along with the three mega stars comes Yasser Galal, Iman Elassy, and Mohamed Riad.

El Kebeer Awy S6: Ahmed Mekky is taking us on the funniest adventure as usual that will definitely make us cry ourselves laughing! We go to upper Egypt with him, Mohamed Salam Hisham Ismail and Bayoumy Foad. The show is directed by Ahmed Elgendy, written by Moustafa Sakr, and produced by Synergy Group.

Faten Amal Harby: The beautiful Nelly Karim is taking us on a ride to the life of a middle class Egyptian tax worker who lives and her two daughters with her mother in law, and while their clashes escalate life becomes more and more unbearable with her husband. The show is directed by Mohamed Gamal Eladl written by Ibrahim Issah, and produced by Eladl Group. Along with Nelly Karim comes Hala Sedky, Fadia Abdelghany, Sherif Salama and many more starts.

Along with these exciting Egyptian Series we have the best Lebanese Series, Turkish series, series from all around the Arab world and much more!
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As much as we are excited for the Holy Month, we are also excited to mention Sling TV’s many features that will make your experience even more awesome!

First of all, you will have 3 different streams on 3 different devices at the same time!

The Al Ostoura pack from Sling has over 130+ live Arabic channels and thousands of hours of the newest on demand series, movies and shows. Includes access to the entire libraries of Shahid VIP and MySatGo.

This means that not only you will have access to the best Ramadan TV shows, but the widest variety you can get your hands on of the Arabic TV content of your choice. Your only problem this Ramadan will be which show to watch of the 100s of shows that will be streamed on demand for you after a hectic day at work or a long kitchen stay cooking Iftar. You can also watch Sling and Shahid VIP’s rich library on more than 15 devices that are compatible with our App!

Sling Arabic TV has the largest lineup of new Ramadan series every yearacross all of their live Arabic TV channels & the largest on demand libraries including Shahid VIP & MySatGo.

So what are you excited about more? Egyptian Series? Lebanese Series? Or Turkish Series? Start your free trial today and figure out!




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