President Sisi greets Muslim Egyptian expats on Eid al Fitr

Mon, 08 Apr 2024 - 10:00 GMT

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi congratulated Muslims of Egypt abroad on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

Eid Al-Fitr in Egypt: Public, private sector employees to enjoy paid holiday from 9-14 April

Thu, 04 Apr 2024 - 01:06 GMT

Employees in both the public and private sectors throughout Egypt will have a paid holiday from April 9-14 to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan in the Muslim calendar.

Matariyah iftar banquet manifests ingenuity of Egyptian people, PM Madbouli

Wed, 27 Mar 2024 - 06:49 GMT

Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said the Ramadan 15 iftar banquet in Cairo's neighborhood of Matariyah is a great initiative that reflects the ingenuity of the Egyptian people.

Egyptian Armed Forces greets Sisi on 10th of Ramadan victory anniversary

Mon, 18 Mar 2024 - 12:01 GMT

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production Gen. Mohamed Zaki on Monday sent a cable of greetings to President Abdel Fattah al Sisi, on the 10th of Ramadan victory anniversary.

President Sisi visits Egyptian Military Academy, share Iftar with students

Thu, 14 Mar 2024 - 08:32 GMT

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi visited on Thursday the Egyptian Military Academy as he watched number of the sports exercises performed by the students and praised their athletic level.

Ramadan Juices: Not only refreshers, but also immune system boosters

Wed, 13 Mar 2024 - 12:59 GMT

There are special juices associated with the holy month of Ramadan, and are stables in Ramadan breakfast meals.

5 Habits to Cultivate During Ramadan

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 - 01:41 GMT

This is the perfect time for us to do some work on ourselves, so, here are some habits to cultivate and develop during Ramadan and moving forward.

Ways to Spiritually Prepare for Ramadan

Mon, 11 Mar 2024 - 01:53 GMT

To become a peaceful and well-mannered person, in this article, we’ll guide you on ways to prepare for Ramadan spiritually in hopes of coming out enlightened and satisfied.

Egypt, UAE drop humanitarian, relief aid into Gaza on 1st day of Ramadan

Mon, 11 Mar 2024 - 12:28 GMT

UAE and Egypt have implemented the eighth drop of humanitarian and relief aid on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, by aircraft of the UAE and Egyptian Air Forces into the northern Gaza Strip, according to the Joint Operations Command of the UAE Ministry of Defense, Monday.

Egypt's Orthodox Church starts Great Lent, Monday, for 55 days

Mon, 11 Mar 2024 - 08:28 GMT

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church begins Great Lent, Monday, March 11, for a period of 55 days.

Egypt’s Sisi exchanges greetings with Arab leaders on Holy Ramadan

Sun, 10 Mar 2024 - 08:24 GMT

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received greetings on the holy month of Ramadan from several leaders of Arab countries of Iraq, Qatar, the UAE, Tunisia, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian First Lady Extends Ramadan Greetings

Sun, 10 Mar 2024 - 08:01 GMT

“We are grateful to Allah Almighty for the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of all good and mercy, asking Allah the Almighty to protect Egypt and its people from all harm and evil,” said the first lady on her social media platform. “Many happy returns,” she added.

Monday marks 1st day of Ramadan: Egypt’s Grand Mufti

Sun, 10 Mar 2024 - 05:08 GMT

Dar Al-Iftaa sighted the Ramadan crescent moon, which means that Today, on Sunday, is the last day of Shaaban month, the eighth month of the Islamic calendar.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Prep for Ramadan

Sun, 10 Mar 2024 - 11:55 GMT

The holy month that all Muslims around the world are eagerly waiting for is around the corner. Each year, Ramadan gives us the opportunity to reflect and get closer to God.

Hot start for Ramadan weather in Egypt as temperatures expected to rise from Monday

Fri, 08 Mar 2024 - 07:16 GMT

Egyptians throughout the country are anticipating a hot start to the weather in Ramadan, with the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) predicting a gradual increase in temperature starting on Monday.

Egypt’s inmates to be allowed 2 extra visits in Ramadan

Fri, 08 Mar 2024 - 05:27 GMT

All inmates will be granted two exceptional visits during Ramadan besides their scheduled visits, according to a Thursday statement by the Ministry of Interior.

5 Best Local Shops to Get Your Ramadan Kaftan

Thu, 07 Mar 2024 - 04:08 GMT

The Holy month is finally approaching with all its wonderful gatherings with friends and loved-ones, and nothing is better than upgrading your Ramadan outfits with the best Kaftans this season. They are truly must-haves for Ramadan and will definitely take your outfit up a notch so get you shopping cart ready

Egypt to sight crescent of holy month of Ramadan next Sunday: Dar Al-Iftaa

Sun, 03 Mar 2024 - 06:11 GMT

The sighting occurs after sunset on the 29th of the month of Shaban, the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. Upon sighting the crescent, the commencement of Ramadan is confirmed.

Sodfa series: What we know so far

Fri, 01 Mar 2024 - 10:15 GMT

Sodfa series: What we know so far

Negotiators express mixed reactions to potential ceasefire in Gaza as Ramadan nears

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 - 02:57 GMT

With the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching, negotiators are expressing a range of opinions regarding the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza.