9 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Will Transform Your Life



Tue, 22 Nov 2016 - 04:56 GMT


Tue, 22 Nov 2016 - 04:56 GMT

A look at how becoming a yogi can help you overcome your fears, locate your inner beauty and walk away from hurtful relationships.

by Sandra Shama Kaur

In the summer of 2012, I completed the Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program, accredited by the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico, USA. Without a shred of doubt, I can say that it was the best investment that I have ever made. My entire life shifted, from being an emotionally attached young lady, trapped in unpleasant relationships and unhelpful habits, to an empowered and well-balanced young woman who drives the ship of her life, unafraid to rise to challenges and radiates an electromagnetic frequency that attracts the right people into her life. Here is a short synopsis about what this training can do for you.

Emotional Balance

You will know how to use your breath to bring your emotions into balance. You will learn numerous life-altering breath techniques like right and left nostril breathing, breath of fire, cooling tongue and teethe breath, breath suspensions and many more, all of which will quickly transform any anger, fear, frustration, agitation, sadness, or attachment that you may be harboring and in only 3 to 5 minutes!

Insecurity to Fearlessness

You will be confronted with every single fearful and haunting memory that you have ever had. Just like you were looking into a mirror. You will have the power to sieve through each thought with a fine comb of wisdom and gratitude. You will effectively transform any insecurity and doubt into insurmountable fearlessness. It will be so contagious. Others will want that power.

Enchanting Beauty

You will acquire tremendous flexibility in your body that will keep you forever young. Your skin will become soft as silk and hair will grow into endless locks. You will have little need for beauty products and cosmetics because you will become enchantingly and naturally beautiful. Heal a Broken Heart

You will heal your deepest emotional wounds. You feel the pain in your heart and you will have the tools to mend it. Through meditation, breathing and poses that work directly on the thymus glands and heart center, you will be forever free from the painful feelings of the past and you will be transformed into a deep well that overflows with kindness, forgiveness and compassion. Breaking the Blind Love Trance

You will never again become a victim of blind love. With a strong meditative mind you will be able to determine whether a relationship is right for you. Emotions and passion will never again overpower you. You will be the master of your own life. Your balanced and neutral self will make decisions that serve you and your future, decisions that will have a positive impact on your wider community. An Antidote to Loneliness

You will look forward to discovering yourself through more than 5,000 different meditations and Kriyas. You will enjoy your own company because you will constantly be learning new things about who you are, how you think, your habits, stories and patterns. You will be consistently clearing the old and internalizing the new, that is habits, behaviors and ways of living and being the real you.

Relaxed… Even When You’re Menstruating

You will know how to release physical tension from your pelvic floor with short 30-minute Kriyas. These are yoga sets that will bring balance to your glandular and nervous system. Never again will you be a victim of your own moodiness. You will become so relaxed that even when you’re on your cycle, you will feel at peace and approachable.

Sex Energy Transformation

Sex without sex is what you will be able to do. Through powerful exercises like Sat Kriya, you will have the power to transform you sexual energy to the higher energy centers in your body, allowing you to reach levels of creativity that you may have never known you were capable of, soaring through and reaping beyond your perceived limited potential in creative projects.

Remarkable Radiance

You will radiate light wherever you go. Without having to say a word or look a certain way, your sheer presence, aura and light will be recognized by others who listen and trust your knowing.

For more information, write to shama@yallayogacenter.com and ask how to become a Kundalini Teacher in Egypt. Sandra Shama Kaur is a Kundalini yoga teacher and founder of Yalla Yoga.



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