An Easy Guide to the No-makeup Makeup Look


Wed, 10 Jul 2019 - 07:00 GMT

Designed by Freepik

Designed by Freepik

By Loujina Mounir

The days of heavy contouring, pioneered by Kim Kardashian and her long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, are far behind us. For years, beauty bloggers and makeup aspirers flooded our social media accounts with harsh, drawn-up lines of contouring in the hopes of achieving cheekbones that you can spot from miles away. For summer 2019, the go-to look instead is natural skin, bushy eyebrows, and cream blush. The no-makeup makeup look is the new trend in the beauty world. Celebrities and bloggers alike are striving to enhance their natural beauty with makeup, rather than chiseling out their cheekbones and changing their face structures completely.

Although the au-natural, I just woke-up-like-this-look has been rocked by countless celebrities, it’s not as natural as it looks. The key to achieving the new trend is layering, very, very thin layering. If you’ve been watching countless online tutorials and still can’t achieve the barely-there makeup look you want, here are some tips that will help you nail it.

Natural skin naturally has some glow to it, so avoid going for a heavy coverage matte base. Try using a tinted moisturizer or a very thin layer of foundation on top of your daily moisturizer. As you layer, make sure to use a very light touch. Use a small amount in the beginning and then add more to the areas that may need slightly more help. Make sure to blend every layer into your skin as best as you can, to help your makeup look natural. Whether you use a tinted moisturizer or a foundation, make sure to be sparse and blend, blend, blend. Using a beauty sponge will help flawlessly blend in your base and pick up any extra product left on your skin, further enlacing the natural skin look. The idea is not to cover all your flaws. If you’re blessed with freckles, beauty marks, and such, don’t try to hide it. They help you achieve a youthful look. Besides, having them makes you unique, so flaunt it!

Put away your powders and reach for your cream products. Cream-based products such as cream blush, cream highlighter, and even cream bronzers will help you achieve the natural glow. Continue to use your beauty sponge to apply these cream products, avoiding any harsh lines and ensuring that you’re applying the thinnest layers you possibly can. Powders build up on your skin and can easily look cakey. For those of you who have oily skin though, only powder the areas where it is necessary, like the T-zone and the areas that may build up oil surrounding your nose.

Drop the tweezers, I Repeat, drop the tweezers! Thicker, fuller, messier brows really enhance the natural makeup look and your face a far more youthful look. Take Cara Delevingne for example; goals right? If you absolutely must tweeze your eyebrows, try not to create a harsh shape, leave some flyways here and there. If you have sparse brows, use your favorite eyebrow product to fill them in ever so slightly, then follow with a clear brow gel to keep them in place. If you’re blessed with naturally full-shaped brows, skip the brow powder and only use brow gel.

Rather than going for liquid or matte lipstick, try going for a more creamy lipstick or lip-gloss to help your lips look plump and youthful. Or skip lipstick altogether, and exfoliate your lips to give them a natural, pink flush. Follow with your favorite lip balm to bring moisture back into your lips.



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