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Wed, 12 Dec 2018 - 12:14 GMT


Wed, 12 Dec 2018 - 12:14 GMT

Huda El Mufti, Mohammad Al Sharnouby and Khaled Anwar connect again as OPPO F9 brand ambassadors.

Huda El Mufti, Mohammad Al Sharnouby and Khaled Anwar connect again as OPPO F9 brand ambassadors.

When this singer, model and student were cast together in the TV hit drama Ka2enoh Embare7 their careers skyrocketed, shooting the up-and-coming trio to instant fame.

Huda El Mufti, Mohammad Al Sharnouby and Khaled Anwar played brothers and sister on the series and now they’re reunited as brand ambassadors to bring you the latest must-have from OPPO: the F9. In a recent interview all three spoke about the role social media continues to play in powering their success, cementing their interactive relationships with audiences and pushing their careers to new highs. All three agree that breaking into the industry and establishing a name for yourself as an actor takes hard work, resilience and versatility. Which is why they’ve chosen OPPO, the phone that does the job and reflects all those qualities.

This is the first time any of the actors has endorsed a brand as an ambassador, but the three are the perfect faces of the fresh campaign, which is all about color, fun and constant connectivity. And the feature that they’re most excited about: VOOC charge, the battery solution everyone has been waiting for—a quick charge will give you hours of battery use, perfect for youth always on the go. We catch the threesome for a chat on their acting plans and the technology they’re looking for to best match their lifestyle needs.


You’re a model and actress, and of course run your own clothes store, so you’re already a big role model for your followers and viewers. How does your work as a brand ambassador help make that relationship stronger?

Other than the fact that OPPO is a really cool brand that shares the same audience as I do, it’s a pretty cool concept to be a part of. I love the “Make it beautiful” concept and how they’re working on a youthful, fresh and artistic brand. Their marketing strategy is to communicate with young people their own way, the way they understand and in their context and that’s exactly what I do, talk to young women like me in their own language. Fashion is a big part of our lives and so is entertainment, and this step in my career, to be an ambassador, helps me bring these two world together, which is what I’ve always loved doing.

When it comes to fashion, accessories are key to any look, not just for style but for function too. How does this phone connect the two?

I absolutely love the gradient color and design of this phone, it’s really versatile. Flat color profiles can be really dull but with this phone young users can show off their personality and attitude. My favorite has to be the Starry Purple, inspired by starry skies but it’s all about your own character; others might go more for red or blue. Then of course you have ZAAM bringing in the fashion element by creating our outfits—like this dress I’m wearing —which I also love. OPPO’s idea to bring in handbag designer Ahmed Azzam was a brilliant way of supporting local crafts and also connecting with audiences. The idea of creating a collection influenced by OPPO’s colors for Cairo Fashion Festival is really cool. Everyone who has worked on this collaboration just completes each other, in some ways just like the F9 itself.

If you were to describe each of other brand ambassadors in one word what would it be?
Well, Khaled Anwar has a great memory, I guess it has to do with his experience in acting and needing to memorize lines. As for Sharnouby, as you can tell he was the first to arrive, his time management skills aren’t that of a typical Egyptian at all!

Sharnoby, So we heard that you are always on time, how important is time to you and your work?

It is strange to find someone Egyptian who shows up before an appointment, but I do try. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we love—whether it’s work or our own hobbies like sport, getting together with friends and so on. The pace is so fast and yet we spend hours waiting for things to get done. I never noticed how much until I got to try out the phone’s VOOC flash charge technology while we were shooting, and I realized the speed it charges at can save so much time from my day. I really do waste too much time waiting for my phone to charge, just like everyone else did.

What has it been like teaming up with Huda and Khaled again and working together as brand ambassadors?

Having had the chance to work with these guys again has been a lot of fun and brought back some great memories from when we were shooting together.

What other tech features are important for you?

Other than VOOC, which saves hours in charging time, cameras are very important because this is the age of the selfie so I’d go for the F9’s 25mp front camera. Instagram and Facebook are really critical tools that any entertainer needs to use well. As I recently announced I’m about to launch my first album after releasing the single “El-Nafseya.” We all know now how social media really helps the spread of music as online is where the majority of audiences go to view music videos and series episodes. Juggling singing and acting, I’m always on the move so I can catch up with everything on the 6.3inch FHD+ display water drop screen. The resolution is fantastic and it gives you more room to view.


Khaled #Stay With Attention is OPPO’s latest message to show support for young talents and to help them keep the attention they have worked hard for and deserve. Do you feel like this message is resonating well with the youth?

I do. A part of that success is me talking to you right now. Being a young actor in an industry like this here in Egypt, right now isn’t easy. It takes years of hard work, auditions, rehearsals and workshops just get in the door. OPPO has brought four talents together, Huda, Sharnouby, ZAAM and I. Here we are representing fashion, music and acting. Those three industries are the most desired by young talents today and the brand is a true supporter of the arts providing new career opportunities every day.

What is it like being back with Huda and Sharnouby on set after Ka’enoh Embare7?

It’s like a family reunion. It’s great to be working with everyone again, we became so close on set as if we were really brothers and sister. Also it’s kind of cool working with a brand I can relate to like OPPO. The F9 has a really cool design where the front camera resembles a water drop giving you more room to view.

You recently talked about being seen online and how that helps audiences connect with you. Is that changing the way the entertainment industry works today? What’s the trick to stay within everyone’s attention?

Of course it is. Social media means viewer response is immediate, live even, and that can impact decision-makers in any entertainment industry. The feedback is overwhelming, encouraging and very important for any actor or musician. But being constantly connected is important for everyone, not just entertainers. Young people especially are anxious if they feel a lack of attention from their friends and followers online, and we all get a little FOMO [fear of missing out] sometimes. The trick of course is to stay connected and always present yourself in the best-possible light using a good camera. The F9 can do all of that.




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