Maria Fathy

Zero-Waste Summers

Fri, Aug. 30, 2019

With Sahel season in full force, Zero Waste Egypt urges holidaymakers to summer in waste-free fashion.

Go Clean: Pioneering Household Recycling

Fri, Jul. 12, 2019

Exchanging recyclables for cash, Go Clean has taken the recycling industry in Egypt by storm.

EgyEcoLand: Your Go-To For Green News, Info & Tips

Thu, Jul. 11, 2019

EgyEcoLand encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle in Egypt by raising awareness through social media.

Summer Edit: Nile Eyewear Creative, Exclusive &100% Egyptian

Thu, Jul. 11, 2019

A look into Egypt’s first local optical brand that took the market by storm.

Mobikya: The Trash Designers

Wed, Jul. 10, 2019

Ibrahim A. Abougendy, founder of Mobikya, speaks to Egypt Today about the business and art of up-cycling rubber tires.

Faces of Egypt’s Home Creators: Eklego Design

Tue, Jul. 2, 2019

With a knack for clean lines and contemporary pieces, the ladies behind Eklego have quickly carved a name for themselves as some of the best interior designers in the region

The Dawn of Interior Design

Sun, Jun. 30, 2019

With a flurry of development projects across the country, there’s never been a bigger need for interior design services

A New Age of Retail

Thu, Jun. 27, 2019

At the recent Egypt Retail Summit, we sat down with CEO of AlFuttaim Malls Timothy Earnest to discuss environmentally sustainable online shopping and why malls will never die.