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Mon, 26 Feb 2018 - 10:55 GMT


Mon, 26 Feb 2018 - 10:55 GMT

Shaaban training with her husband, ex-football player and head coach at Ignite Egypt Husein Abdeldayem

Shaaban training with her husband, ex-football player and head coach at Ignite Egypt Husein Abdeldayem

We’ve all been through this, coming home so tired and exhausted that the idea of putting on training shoes seems almost an impossibility. Or perhaps, you were all cozy and comfortable underneath the blankets when the alarm rang at 6am summoning you to get up, throw on your training gear and go train. Of course, the kind of willpower and dedication you need to train solo is enormous, so you end up putting on your pajamas after work or hitting the snooze button in the morning and falling back into deep sleep. Sounds familiar? Probably, all too familiar.

It always helps to have a workout buddy; be it a friend or a significant other because on the days when you don’t feel like going to train, they’ll be the ones that push you just a little bit further to throw on your training shoes and rock ‘n’ roll. Alone, each one of us truly has unparalleled strength but together, we are far stronger than we ever dreamed possible. Find someone who is close to you, whom you trust to help motivate you on the days when you can’t seem to find your own motivation. Come up with a weekly training schedule that you both must stick to. When one of you falls short in the motivation points, the other one will help pick up the slack. Here are a few workouts that I thought would be super fun to do with a workout buddy to get you started:

Plank Taps

Both you and your workout buddy get into a plank position while facing each other, hands directly underneath shoulders and hips in a straight line. At the same time, you extend opposite arms, clap each other’s hands, then repeat.

Seated Wall Squats and Push-ups

One partner will sit with their back flat against the wall, making sure that their legs are positioned in a 90-degree angle. The other partner has to finish 15 push-ups. Partners can only switch exercises once the 15 pushups are complete.

Squat Hold and Dip

Partner 1 should place hands on the edge of a chair seat and then bring their hips out and away from the chair. Partner 2 will hold the other partner’s legs up. Together, both partners will move toward the ground; partner 1 will dip with their hands and partner 2 will do a squat at the same time.

Burpee Over Plank

One partner will be positioned in a low plank position on their elbows, making sure to activate their core and keep hips up. The other partner will do a burpee next to partner 1 and then jump over their legs. Partner 2 will do ten burpees, and only then can the partners switch positions.

Try out these fun exercises to help get your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping alongside your favorite workout partner. If you continuously get your buddy to motivate you, you’ll get the training momentum going in no time. Always, #StrongerTogether

Deana Shaaban is a Performance Training Specialist at Ignite Egypt: @deanashaaban @ignite.egypt



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