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The Importance of Me Time

Sun, Sep. 17, 2017
Have you ever noticed that you are more dynamic in the summer? Perhaps you move more often? Travelling from one city to the other? Perhaps you engage in exchanges with new people and make decisions quickly?

Summer season is one of the most high-energy seasons of the year. You can feel this energy not only through the burning summer heat, but also through all that is new, such as places, people and activities.

For the past few weeks, I have been travelling through Barcelona, Athens and Florence. In a short time, I have witnessed first the impact of the summer buzz, which is not only exciting and fast moving but is also distracting.

When travelling to different places, meeting new people, engaging in new activities like art, music, dance and language courses, visiting exotic beaches and going on refreshing nature hikes, you might think that there is little time for a deep, real and meaningful connection with the Inner Self. After all, why worry about the Inner Self when you’re feeling happily stimulated by everything that is going on around you?

My personal experience is that indulgence is never the answer and that moderation is key. I notice how jumping with both feet into new, fun, exciting and adventurous activities can come at the expense of my own personal needs like rest, relaxation, stillness and silence. These are all needs that nurture the feminine quality—which exists in both men and women.

Especially in the summer, when everyone around you is pulling you to go out and do something fun, it can feel very odd to slow down and make time for silence and stillness, to stop everything and make time for rest and relaxation. Yet, your body and mind will love you for it and your spirit will talk to you. You will learn more about yourself in those moments, as you distill the experiences of yesterday to discern what is right for you.

Taking one day off a week away from the busyness, the noise, the mental, visual and emotional stimulation, I discovered that there were many times when I said yes to someone or something when actually this place, food or activity was not aligned with my personal interest. For example have you ever heard someone talking about a really delicious dish that you then started craving, only to find out when it arrived that it wasn’t really what you wanted? Have you ever found yourself making your way to a place even though you felt tired or uninterested but went anyway? Have you ever heard your friends describe a place as really beautiful and felt compelled to go there for a visit only to find out it was not your style?

If you’re like me and you said yes, then you need to realize that when you are in a new place and with new people, the excitement of the unknown can be tempting and so we can easily make fast choices. That’s why it’s important to cultivate little blocks of “me time” where you can come back to your own center and align your choices with your real self. This is because you can only recognize your likes and dislikes, your personal needs and interests, by spending time with yourself. During this time you can rest, take a silent walk, draw, paint, write, listen to music, cook, practice yoga or meditation, do some gardening or whatever you like.

It does not matter which medium you choose. What matters is that you consciously take the time to listen deeply to your heart’s desires, even if what you hear goes against what everyone around you is doing or saying and even if you feel lonely and afraid because you are different than others. Be brave today!

Try this simple meditation technique to help guide you back to your center:

1.Sit in a crossed legged position with your spine straight

2.Place your left hand on your heart chakra (10 cm below the throat at the center of your lungs)

3.Place your right hand on top of your left hand

4.Close your eyes and look down toward your heart

5.Breathe in and ask your Self, “How can I serve you today?”

Shama Kaur is a health, lifestyle and wellness consultant and founder of YallaYoga
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