Video: Egyptian Red Crescent contributes medical supplies to Lebanese Red Cross


Sun, 16 Aug 2020 - 05:39 GMT

CAIRO - 16 August 2020: The Egyptian Red Crescent has supported the Lebanese Red Cross with some of the aid supplies contributed to Lebanon by Egypt in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosions on Aug. 4.
On Saturday, the Red Crescent's aid arrived in Beirut Rafic el-Hariri International Airport aboard two airplanes carrying 14 tons of medical and food supplies. 
Egyptian ambassador to Beirut Yasser Elwi (middle)
Egyptian ambassador to Beirut Yasser Elwi (middle)




Egypt's ambassador to Lebanon, Yasser Allawi, said the "air bridge" launched by Egypt to help Lebanon includes four phases: medical aid, medical and food suuplies bridging the gap created by massive damage to wheat silos in Beirut, Egyptian doctors and nurses, and finally contirbuting to the reconstruction of the destroyed areas. 
Allawi previously said that the first shipment of another maritime bridge between Egypt and Lebanon will kick off this week to provide construction materials. Egyptian doctors and surgeons will be available in Lebanon on Monday for a month. 
An Egyptian relief plane has arrived in Lebanon every 48 hours since the accident. 



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