Interior Ministry affirms US-Egyptian Kassem recieved neccessary healthcare, insisted on strike despite warnings



Tue, 14 Jan 2020 - 10:22 GMT


Tue, 14 Jan 2020 - 10:22 GMT

The statement was issued to clarify and denounce erroneous and baseless reports regarding Mustafa Kassem

The statement was issued to clarify and denounce erroneous and baseless reports regarding Mustafa Kassem

CAIRO – 15 January 2020: An Egyptian American citizen who died of heart failure on Monday after going on a hunger strike in prison was provided with the necessary medical assistance and was granted all his rights including visitations, a statement by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior has said.

The statement was issued to clarify and denounce erroneous and baseless reports regarding Mustafa Kassem, who according to the ministry, was sentenced after an official trial for his involvement in committing terrorist acts.

The ministry stressed that the convict had received the necessary healthcare during his time, in addition to visits from members of his family and the US embassy.

The statement further affirmed that Kassem insisted on pursuing his hunger strike despite being advised – on more than on occasion – of how serious this can be to his health condition, especially that he had diabetes.

“Kassem was provided with all the required legal and medical procedures to prevent him from harming himself, with the follow-up and care of the embassy of the United States,” the statement added.

Egypt has been facing a wave of fake reports that are often based on biased quotes circulated by sympathizers and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

Kassem was detained in 2013 over taking part in a sit-in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood; he was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2018.

He went on a hunger strike while he was serving a sentence in Tora prison, and when his health deteriorated, he was sent to the prison’s hospital.

Medical reports said that he had high blood sugar, which led him to be transferred to Cairo University Hospital to receive medical care on Sunday. He was announced dead there.

The top prosecutor also requested his medical file and opened an investigation with the doctors who supervised his health case.

The defendant's vital signs were stable and his consciousness was full in a medical examination, according to a report dated 7/4/2019 by the Ministry of Interior's Prison Sector.

According to an official source, the defendant was shown his indictment during questioning, as well as the evidence. He was enabled to testify and defend himself.

Egypt has been fighting a fierce war against terrorism since the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi from power following a popular uprising in 2013, as figures of the terrorist group have threatened on more than one occasion to revenge against the country and its army, which protected and supported the citizens against the ruling and massacres of the blood-thirsty group.

A number of fake news and reports were exposed and denounced regarding human rights in Egypt, including the case of Zubeida Ibrahim, who was mistakenly reported by BBC to be enforced disappeared in Egypt.

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