Arab columnists lambast Qatar



Fri, 09 Jun 2017 - 05:59 GMT


Fri, 09 Jun 2017 - 05:59 GMT

Egyptian Daily Newspaper- File photo

Egyptian Daily Newspaper- File photo

CAIRO - 9 June, 2017: Arab columnists tackled many topics on Friday, covering the Arab-Qatari rift, Turkey’s mediation between Qatar and Arab nations and TV drama in Ramadan.


Poet Farouk Goweda wrote an article titled serious insight in shallow TV series. He argued for the necessity of writing good scenarios for TV drama series that should contribute to developing Egypt’s mental capabilities. In his opinion, TV series produced and broadcasted in past years led to the destruction and deterioration of manners and values of Egyptian society by introducing bad behaviors and corrupt models to our societies.

Goweda argued that the TV products broadcasted on either state-owned networks or private satellite channels can never build a better future in a country that is still restructuring. These TV products are neither compatible with martyrs killed by terror acts nor such a great nation, Goweda said.

Goweda called for reviewing television shows so as to better fit in to Egypt’s culture and civilization. He added that Egypt deserves artistic works that it can be proud of.


Columnist Galal Dowedar wrote an article titled inappropriate mediation calls by Erdogan. He criticized the reconciliation mediation initiated by Turkey to resolve the Arab-Qatari rift. Dowedar described the mediation as an "inappropriate and shameful act.”

Dowedar believes that Qatar's alleged support for terrorists is on par with President Recep Tayyipp Erdogan’s recent actions, referring to the failed coup earlier this year and the recent referendum. He accused Turkey of funding and backing terrorist groups and fugitices from Egypt.

"Both [Qatari Emir] Tamim and Erdogan, are responsible for shedding innocent citizens' blood. This is a common thread between both leaders. Their hands are covered by Egyptian and Arab blood," Dowedar said.


Akram al-Qasas wrote an article called Tamim's bills and terrorism's secrets. In his article he spoke about recently unearthed evidence alleging to prove Qatar’s contradictory positions. He said that Qatar has sought to play a regional and international role at any price. He accused Qatar of being the best avenue for people seeking to profit from acts of terrorism and thuggery.

Al-Qasas accused Qatar of not wanting to stop supporting terrorism due to their long-standing ties with terror groups and arms smugglers. Breaking these ties, he claimed, is impossible for Qatar as the cost would be too great and thus it is too late for Qatar to turn back.



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