Gamal Salah named chairman of POD Public Relations company



Thu, 22 Mar 2018 - 04:23 GMT


Thu, 22 Mar 2018 - 04:23 GMT

FILE - Gamal Salah

FILE - Gamal Salah

CAIRO – 22 March 2018: Egyptian Media Group announced that their current Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Youm7, Gamal Salah, has been appointed as the new chairman of POD Public Relations Company. Salah will continue as the CEO of the company. POD is the advertising and public relations agent for Egypt Today magazine.

This move comes to affirm the confidence placed by Egyptian Media Group in the efforts exerted by Salah. As a Managing Director, Salah has had a vital part in ensuring that POD becomes one of the largest public relations and advertising companies in the Egyptian market.

Salah supported Youm7’s journey over the past five years to becoming financially, administratively and technically stable.

Founded in 2015, POD was able to establish a reputable presence in the Egyptian market through its ability to support the Egyptian media with unconventional, original ideas and activities.

POD managed the pubic relations for a number of prominent Egyptian and international companies and institutions operating in the Egyptian market. Additionally, they also offer their clients crisis management, as well as the setting up and operating of their clients’ social network pages. POD has been able to win over the confidence of the Egyptian Media Group; it has acquired 70 percent of its shares.

POD also specializes in the production of radio and television programs. It is also the advertising agent for a number of Egyptian newspapers and magazines, including the printed version of the Youm7 newspaper, Soot Al-Umma (The Voice of the Nation)’s printed newspaper and online site, Egypt Today magazine and Business Today magazine.

Gamal Salah was one of the founders of POD before moving to Egyptian Media Group. He held a number of journalistic and media positions, including the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Youm7 newspaper, before being appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of POD.

Salah has many years of experience under his belt in the field of multinational companies and the banking sector. POD will benefit much from his expertise gained from working in multi national companies.



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