President of Togo launches Joint Farm project with Egypt


Sun, 26 Nov 2017 - 03:25 GMT

Joint Farm project established between Egypt and African countries, April 2, 2017-Official Facebook Page

Joint Farm project established between Egypt and African countries, April 2, 2017-Official Facebook Page

CAIRO – 26 November 2017: The Egyptian-Togolese Joint Farm project was launched on Sunday by Togo's President Faure Gnassingbe, according to Egyptian Ambassador to Lomé, Togo, Karim Sherif.

The inauguration was attended by the Executive Manager of Joint Farms at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Maher el-Maghraby, as well as ministries and businessmen from the agricultural field.

During his speech, Gnassingbe extended his condolences to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for the attack at the Al-Rawdah Mosque, Sinai, confirming that Togo stands united with Egypt.

Egyptian-Togolese Common Farm project, expressing his pleasure to cooperate with Egypt in the field of agriculture as a main impetus for boosting economy, providing food security, empowering youth and discouraging them from extremism.

He expressed his thanks to the Egyptian Embassy in Togo for their diligent efforts in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture to implement the Joint Farm project, wishing success to the Egyptian experts who manage the project.

Sherif stressed on the importance of the project for enhancing cooperation with West African countries. He added that he insisted on opening the farm on time, although Egypt is in a period of mourning, demonstrating Egypt’s determination to reach development and security.

During recent years, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) focused on cooperating with African countries in many fields especially agriculture.

In an attempt to enhance the competitive ability of the African countries’ produce and their economic development, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture has established joint model farms with African countries. The project aims to carry out joint agricultural research to increase agricultural productions in Africa.



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