IMF to continue support for Egypt: director

Sun, 03 Dec 2023 - 03:35 GMT

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Sunday that the IMF will strongly support Egypt in continuing reforms.

Egypt forecasts LE70B in revenues from IPO program by end of fiscal year

Wed, 08 Nov 2023 - 05:50 GMT

The IDSC stressed the importance of governance, transparency, and regulation of markets, with the goal of fostering competitiveness in the Egyptian economy

IMF lowers Egypt's 2023/2024 growth forecast to 3.6%, expects 4.2% for 2022/23

Tue, 10 Oct 2023 - 11:41 GMT

The IMF anticipates that consumer prices in Egypt will increase from 13.2 percent in the fiscal year ending in 2022 to 35.7 percent 2022/2023, followed by a decrease to 25.9 percent in 2023/2024.

Egypt's petroleum sector aims to drill 110 exploratory gas wells until 2030

Mon, 09 Oct 2023 - 11:13 GMT

In the research and exploration plan until 2030, the petroleum sector aims to drill 110 exploratory gas wells with investments amounting to about 4.8 billion dollars.

Enhancing tourism: Discussing Egypt’s development of airports in 10 yrs

Wed, 27 Sep 2023 - 02:36 GMT

Airports have an important and vital role in attracting economic and commercial activities and attracting direct and indirect investment to areas that need development.

How Egypt achieved comprehensive economic development in 10 yrs

Tue, 26 Sep 2023 - 02:57 GMT

Over the past years, the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has aimed to achieve comprehensive economic development.

Sisi calls on AIIB to offer more low-cost financing to accommodate emerging economies

Tue, 26 Sep 2023 - 07:25 GMT

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called on the Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) to play a greater role in low-cost financing to support economies amid global challenges.

Value of Egypt's imports of mobile phones rise to $564K last June

Mon, 18 Sep 2023 - 01:53 GMT

Egypt's imports of mobile phones declined significantly last May, as their total value amounted to only about 282 thousand dollars, while it was about 13 million and 595 thousand dollars in May 2022, a decline of about 13 million and 313 thousand dollars.

Sisi on economic circumstances: The state’s policies are meant to do the best, not harm anyone

Sat, 16 Sep 2023 - 02:09 GMT

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed the public in a speech he gave Saturday from Beni Suef, where he discussed the difficult economic circumstances currently witnessed and the efforts exerted by the government to alleviate its impact.

Minister of Telecommunications, members of American Chamber of Commerce talk investment opportunities in Egypt

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 - 11:27 GMT

Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Amr Talaat, held discussions about the investment opportunities available in the communications and information technology sector during a roundtable meeting with a number of officials from American companies.

Egypt scores successes in petroleum sector, boom in gas exports: Maat Report

Sat, 02 Sep 2023 - 12:59 GMT

The Egyptian state continues its major successes and achievements in the gas and oil file, and this comes at a time when Egypt is seeking to increase its reserves of gas, the demand for which has recently grown, in addition to the efforts of many European countries to secure alternative sources away from Russian supplies.

Egypt’s economy and IMF agreement amid exchange rate uncertainty

Tue, 15 Aug 2023 - 03:43 GMT

Egypt’s economic agreement with the IMF faces delays as the government seeks dollar liquidity and encounters challenges in meeting agreed requirements.

Lebanese Minister praises Egypt as 2nd exporter of citrus worldwide

Wed, 12 Jul 2023 - 06:06 GMT

The Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abbas Hajj Hassan hailed Egypt for becoming the second exporter of cirtus worldwide.

National family development project boosts inclusive economic growth and alleviates poverty

Sat, 08 Jul 2023 - 07:22 GMT

The funding is set to expand opportunities for women-owned micro-projects in various productive sectors.

Egyptian Gov't aims to increase FDI to $16 Bln by FY 25/26

Tue, 27 Jun 2023 - 06:11 GMT

A parliamentary report issued by the Senate Financial, Economic and Investment Affairs Committee studied the economic and social development plan for the fiscal year 2023/2024 submitted by the government to Parliament.

AfDB highlights Egypt’s easing inflation, lowers avg. inflation rate forecast for next FY

Mon, 29 May 2023 - 12:26 GMT

This is lower than the previously forecasted 20 percent, with AfDB pointing to “high food and nonfood prices and the devaluation of the Egyptian pound"

NCW launches campaign addressing economic motives of unregsitered migration

Fri, 26 May 2023 - 08:07 GMT

The Egyptian National Council for Women (NCW) launched an awareness media campaign within the framework of the project "Addressing the Economic Motives of Illegal Immigration."

Climate change poses significant threat to Africa's economy, food safety, social development

Fri, 26 May 2023 - 07:45 GMT

The weather has the most extreme impact on human health, safety, food and water security, and social and economic development in Africa, especially the most vulnerable groups.

Gov't expects growth rate of 4.1% in 5 sectors

Mon, 22 May 2023 - 09:04 GMT

Hala Al-Saeed, delivered a report on the economic and social plan before the House of Representatives, which referred to the most important sectoral indicators in this regard as follows:

Egypt's unemployment rate decreases to reach 7.2% in last quarter of 2022

Thu, 18 May 2023 - 07:38 GMT

This came as Egyptian Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait confimed in the financial statement on the state’s draft general budget for the fiscal year 23/24 submitted to the House of Representatives.