After earning 4 titles, Guinness World Records hands awards to builders of Egypt's New Delta Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Plant



Sat, 15 Jun 2024 - 03:23 GMT


Sat, 15 Jun 2024 - 03:23 GMT

CAIRO – 15 June 2024: Guinness World Record organized this week a ceremony to hand awards to firms that built the New Delta Agricultural Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Reuse Plant which earned four titles.




The plant is the largest in terms of surface area and capacity – as of July 26, 2023 - as it spans over 320,600 square meters and produces 86.8 cubic meters per second. The other two titles are pertinent to consisting of the largest epoxy coating extending on 520,339 square meters as well as the largest sludge treatment plant having a capacity of 670.01 kilograms.




The plant is the outcome of the partnership among Metito, Orascom Construction, The Arab Contractors, and Hassan Allam Construction, and was implemented under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.




Producing 7.5 million cubic meters of treated water daily, the plant is planned to irrigate 1.2 million acres of land in New Delta located in the Western Desert. It will also contribute to reducing pollution in Lake Marriout and the Mediterranean coasts as well as the risk of land subsidence in Beheira governorate.




The former holder of the "largest water treatment plant" was Egypt's Bahr El Baqar Wastewater Treatment Plant which is still the holder of the title of "highest capacity single-operator ozone generating plant" for its capacity amounting to 0.1792 kg as of September 23, 2021.


The cost of Bahr El Baqar is LE20 billion, and its daily capacity is 5.6 million cubic meters to be used in the reclamation of 400 feddans in Sinai. It garnered three titles from Guinness World Records, and they are the World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant; World’s Largest Sludge Plant; and, World’s Largest Ozone Generator. 



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