Green Map of Egypt launched in tandem with COP 27



Sun, 06 Nov 2022 - 04:38 GMT


Sun, 06 Nov 2022 - 04:38 GMT

COP 27 logo

COP 27 logo

CAIRO – 6 November 2022: The Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center launched Sunday, in tandem with the kicking off of COP 27, the Green Map of Egypt, which is an English-language website consisting of information on 'Green Economy Projects,' 'Natural Protectorates,' and 'Hayah Karima' (Decent Life Initiative).


The sections under 'Green Economy Projects' are Green Bonds and Egyptian Carbon; New System to Manage Solid Waste; Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Plants; Water Resources Sustainable Management Projects; Switching to Electric and Ecofriendly Transportation; Renewable Energy Plan for 2018 – 2023; Heading Towards the Green Building; Green Hotels and Tourism; and Egypt's Green Certification Program in Support of Sustainable Development Tourism.


The website also includes details of green hotels in Egypt's tourist destinations as well as the number of green rooms in each. As for protectorates, the website highlights 28 of those, giving brief descriptions and photos.


Decent Life Initiative targets 4,500 villages, which are home to 58 million Egyptians composing 60 percent of the population. The value of the initiative, that started in 2021, is LE1 trillion and is scheduled to be completed in 2025.


The goals of the initiative are as follows:


Rehabilitating houses, building ceilings for houses that lack them, and building residential communities in villages in need.


Connecting the houses to water supply, wastewater, natural gas, and electricity networks. 


Introducing infrastructure necessary for micro enterprises.


Providing medical services, building hospitals and healthcare units, and equipping them with the necessary devices and medical staff.


Operating medical caravans, and offering prosthetics. 


Improving the quality of schools, and nurseries, and establishing literacy classrooms.


Expanding economic empowerment, vocational training, and employment through micro, small, and medium enterprises.


Establishing industrial, and craft complexes.


Bolstering food supply chains, and providing subsidized food.



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