Noha El Tawil

Exclusive: “To Build It” members reveal goals, plans

Mon, Oct. 16, 2017

“We dreamt of only 27 headquarters in each governorate. We got 67. People allocated some places to the campaign for free,” a member said.

Five key reasons behind supporting Sisi for 2nd term: popular campaign

Mon, Oct. 16, 2017

The main aim of the campaign is to gather signatures on a petition that demands the reelection of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

We need programs to identify brilliant minds: President Sisi

Sun, Oct. 15, 2017

“We would sponsor them until they are able to push us forward and lead our administration,” the president said.

Graduates of telecom tech scholarship present innovations

Sun, Oct. 15, 2017

It helped people in Upper Egypt, especially females in the programming and telecommunication fields, by granting them jobs.

President Sisi inaugurates telecom technology exposition

Sun, Oct. 15, 2017

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inaugurates the exposition displaying the projects by students participating in the Telecommunication Technology Initiative.

Qatari boycott: Crucial pillar for Fatah/Hamas reconciliation

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017

The embargo imposed on Qatar came in parallel to the defeat and retreat of Islamist militias and guerilla groups in the region.

UNESCO Director-General Nomination kicks off Monday

Mon, Oct. 9, 2017

Egypt’s candidate Moshira Khattab is among the strongest candidates for the post so far.

Ban lift on Sharm flights can save UK airlines: British MPs

Sun, Oct. 8, 2017

The bankruptcy of Monarch Airlines gave rise to calls by a group of British members of Parliament to lift the ban on flights to Sharm El-Sheikh.