Egypt, UK co-chair ministerial meeting on climate pledges in Copenhagen



Thu, 12 May 2022 - 02:31 GMT


Thu, 12 May 2022 - 02:31 GMT

Ministerial meeting on climate pledges co-chaired by Egypt and United Kingdom in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 12, 2022. Press Photo

Ministerial meeting on climate pledges co-chaired by Egypt and United Kingdom in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 12, 2022. Press Photo

CAIRO – 12 May 2022: Minister of Foreign Affairs and President-Designate of COP 27 Sameh Shokry co-chaired Thursday with President of COP 26 Dan Jannik Jorgenson a ministerial meeting on climate pledges hosted by Denmark in its capital, Copenhagen.


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In his speech, Minister Shokry said that the meeting was a chance to exchange views and experience on the aspects of international climate work. The minister underlined the importance of implementing the provisions of Paris Climate Agreement, and fulfilling climate pledges on reducing emissions and others announced in Glasgow's COP 26.


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The COP 27 president-designate stipulated that the fulfillment of climate pledges is a priority for the Egyptian chairmanship of the conference, to be held in Sharm El Sheikh next November. He added that Egypt aspires that the conference would contribute to the assessment of the current status of implementing climate pledges and to formulating mechanisms that would make the goals in Paris Climate Agreement materialize.


A trilateral meeting, comprising Minister Shokry, Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jannik Jorgenson, and COP 26 President Alok Sharma, was held in Copenhagen earlier on Thursday. 


Minister Shokry presented Egypt's preparations to host COP 27 in November, affirming his keenness on consulting with all stakeholders to know their visions on various climate topics.


The minister pointed out that Egypt aspires the conferences would result in balanced outcomes that take into consideration the priorities and concerns of all parties.


In that framework, Minister Shokry displayed Egypt's vision on the prospective outcomes of COP 27, and that aims for the accomplishment of climate pledges, turning them into a reality.


The minister similarly underscored the salience of preserving the current momentum for international climate work in a way that raises the ambitions bar, achieves the goal of reducing the temperature degree by 1.5, and ensuring that climate pledges are not influenced by the current geo-political situation.


Minister Shokry concluded by stipulating that all parties involved in international climate work should actively take part in COP 27 and its outcomes, particularly those pertaining to coexistence with climate change impact, and securing climate financing that fulfills the needs of developing countries.



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