Elsewedy Electric

Afreximbank signs off on $3B worth of credit facilities to Egyptian companies

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 - 01:06 GMT

The trade director shared that the bank and Hassan Allam Holding signed a $200 million credit facility to support its projects across Africa and the Middle East

Photos: Egypt finalizes construction of main body of Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere dam, prepares for reservoir filling

Fri, 07 Oct 2022 - 09:31 GMT

The Egyptian consortium also started preparations for retaining water to fill the reservoir of the giant Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP), the ministry added in a statement on Friday.

ElSewedy Electric consortium signs LE1.3B contract to develop signaling systems for railway line

Thu, 07 Jul 2022 - 02:32 GMT

The contract was signed in partnership with the Egyptian company for the renovation and maintenance of railways (ERTRAC) and Gharably Integrated Engineering Company (GIECO).

IFC lends ElSewedy Electric $150M to develop solar energy projects

Wed, 29 Jun 2022 - 02:34 GMT

It added that part of the funding will be allocated to refinance previous concessions obtained by ElSewedy Electric, in order to support the company's efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Elsewedy Electric, Wolong Electric sign agreement to localize motor industry in Egypt

Wed, 27 Apr 2022 - 02:37 GMT

“As part of this agreement, Elsewedy Electric will partner with Wolong Electric to provide top quality electrical motors that comply with IEC and NEMA standards to the Egyptian market. Products will be used in various industries starting with home appliances and electric vehicles to medium voltage motors used in heavy industries."

ElSewedy Electric decides to establish branches in Burkina Faso, achieves LE3.8B profits

Wed, 09 Feb 2022 - 04:13 GMT

As for the standalone profits, the company recorded profits of LE1.1 billion during 2021, compared to LE 2.3 billion during 2020.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC's subsidiary signs 2 contracts in Kuwait worth LE686M

Thu, 20 Jan 2022 - 10:04 GMT

ElSewedy Electric owns 99.98 percent of Egytech Cables company.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC's subsidiary signs LE 440M contract in Kuwait

Sun, 02 Jan 2022 - 11:38 GMT

The contract is for the supply, installation and maintenance of 132 KV ground cables for supplying the main substations 132/11 KV of (N3&N4) regions for EL Multaa Residential city.

ElSewedy Electric's subsidiary signs 2 contracts worth LE 1.15B with Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company

Tue, 07 Sep 2021 - 03:50 GMT

The company clarified that the contracts are to construct three substations in Central and North Sinai.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC's subsidiary signs $16.7M contract in Ghana

Sun, 05 Sep 2021 - 11:14 GMT

The company clarified in a filing to the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) that the contract is to build substation for electricity Company of Ghana.

Elsewedy Electric records profits of LE 1.74B in H1 2021

Tue, 17 Aug 2021 - 02:36 GMT

As for standalone results, the company recorded profits of LE 55.97 million during 2021 period, compared to LE 2.15 billion during the six months of 2020.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs addendum to EPC contract worth LE 190M

Thu, 05 Aug 2021 - 12:05 GMT

The company clarified that the addendum is to execute the internal electricity network (medium and low voltage) for an area of 20,000 new reclaimed feddans (2 plots Nos. 17 & 18) for the Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company in the East Owenat region, New Valley Governorate.

ElSewedy Electric's profits rise 66% in Q1 of 2021

Mon, 17 May 2021 - 03:52 GMT

It recorded a net profit of LE 769.49 during the first quarter of 2021, compared to profits of LE 463.69 million during the first quarter of 2020, taking into account minority rights.

Elsewedy Electric records profits of LE 3.02B in 2020

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 12:14 GMT

As for standalone results, the company recorded profits of LE 2.29 billion during 2020, compared to LE 2.41 billion during 2019.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs KWD16.1M contract with Kuwait's Ministry of Electricity

Wed, 17 Feb 2021 - 03:58 GMT

The project will power the island of Boubyan and Mubarak Al Kabeer Port, currently being constructed by the Ministry of Public Works.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs LE711M contract to complete infrastructure works in south valley project

Tue, 16 Feb 2021 - 10:49 GMT

“The scope of ElSewedy Electric for Trading & Distributing in the project includes -electrical, mechanical work, road words and water networks on turnkey basis,” the company clarified.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs LE126M contract with Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 - 01:09 GMT

The company clarified that the contract is to execute the sewage treatment plant Njih with the capacity of 6000m/3day in Al Sharqia governorate in Egypt.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs $1.46B contract with Star-light Company

Tue, 02 Feb 2021 - 12:56 GMT

The contract is for the construction of Kattameya Creeks compound in New Cairo area in Egypt.

Elsewedy Electric’s subsidiary signs $90M contract with Egypt for smart high way information traffic system

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 - 08:26 GMT

The execution duration is 18 months for ITS for-highway roads in Egypt including Traffic Management System (TMS) and toll collection system (TCS) in addition to the main control rooms in the ACUD, phase one includes six highway roads with total 1079 km.

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC's subsidiary signs 3 contracts worth $54M with EETC

Wed, 11 Nov 2020 - 03:34 GMT

The deal included the construction of overhead transmission line (2X30 km) worth E£148 million on turnkey basis to connect Toshka 4 substation.