Egypt’s Opera House hosts concert for Tarek Al-Arabi on April 2

Wed, 31 Mar 2021 - 12:27 GMT

It is noteworthy that the artist Tarek Al-Arabi is one of the most important pioneers in the field of creating children's songs and animation badges in the Arab world.

National Troupe for Folk Art to perform in Al-Ghoury Creativity Center on March 11

Thu, 11 Mar 2021 - 01:40 GMT

The troupe adopts the idea of preserving the Egyptian identity by presenting folkloric dances that show the Egyptian character in its best form.

Ahmed el-Haggar to perform in Alexandria’s Opera House on March 7

Thu, 04 Mar 2021 - 01:39 GMT

The concert brings back memories of the singing state of the 1990s.

Egypt’s BA hosts ‘An English Musical Evening for Strings’ on Feb. 27

Tue, 23 Feb 2021 - 03:54 GMT

Orchestra of the Arts Center of the BA's Cultural Communication Sector presents a concert under the title "An English Musical Evening for Strings" led by Maestro Nair Nagy on February 27 at 7 p.m.

El-Sawy Culture Wheel to host concert for Ahmed Fawzi on Feb. 15

Mon, 15 Feb 2021 - 01:14 GMT

The singer Ahmed Fawzi will perform a concert in El-Sawy Culture Wheel at Al-Nahr Theater on February 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Sinatra, Bocelli compositions to be presented in Cairo Opera's Grand Theater on Jan. 27-28

Mon, 25 Jan 2021 - 04:31 GMT

The concerts’ program includes a group of the most famous works presented by the world's greatest singers and accompanied by ballet tabs.

Egypt's marimba princess Nesma Abdel Aziz to perform in Cairo Opera on Dec. 16

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 - 01:46 GMT

The Egyptian Opera House will organize on December 16 an artistic concert for the famous marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz and her band.

International Art Center of Al-Manasterly Palace hosts concert for Awtar Quartet on Dec. 11

Thu, 10 Dec 2020 - 02:02 GMT

The International Art Center at Al-Manesterly Palace in Manial, affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund sector, is organizing a concert for the "Awtar" quartet, on December 11 at 8:00 p.m., as part of the center's second season concerts.

Bayt al-Suhaymi hosts concert for Maestro Band on Dec. 10

Thu, 10 Dec 2020 - 01:54 GMT

The Bayt Al-Suhaymi Innovation Center on Al-Muizz Street, affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund sector, will host a concert on December 10 at 7 p.m. for the Maestro Band led by Iman Junaidi.

From sofas and kitchens, music stars hold coronavirus concert fundraiser

Mon, 30 Mar 2020 - 10:43 GMT

Billie Eilish sang on her sofa, Elton John played a keyboard belonging to his children, and the Backstreet Boys sang in harmony from five locations as dozens of musicians put on a fundraiser for the warriors against a coronavirus.

Diab rocks North Coast on July 21

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 - 12:51 GMT

The star performed numerous of his most popular songs during the concert including his popular hits “Ghamazat”, “Aw”, “Ya Wad Ya Soso”, and “Betnadeni tani laih?”

Jennifer Lopez to perform in Egypt for 1st time on Aug. 9

Thu, 02 May 2019 - 04:42 GMT

The concert will be performed under the title: "It's My Party" and a huge number of fans is expected to attend.

Mohamed Ramadan to perform his 1st concert on March 29

Tue, 05 Mar 2019 - 11:37 GMT

Egyptian mega star Mohamed Ramadan will perform his first concert on March 29.

Angham celebrates her new album in a grand concert in Alexandria on March. 17

Wed, 27 Feb 2019 - 02:31 GMT

Prominent singer Angham will celebrate her new album "Hala Khasa Gedan” (A very special case) on March 17 in one of Alexandria's biggest hotels.

The Ayoub Sisters to perform live on Jan. 26

Thu, 17 Jan 2019 - 02:06 GMT

The Ayoub Sisters are currently preparing for their live performance set to be hosted by Cairo Opera House on Jan. 26 at 8 p.m.

Sharmoofers to celebrate Christmas with Mahmoud Esseily

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 - 03:55 GMT

The Egyptian band Sharmoofers and famed Mahmoud el-Esseily are currently preparing for their Christmas concert set to be held in the Engineers Syndicate Club in Cairo on Dec. 20, 2018.

Sherine Abdel Wahab, Saber al-Rebai to perform on New Year’s Eve

Tue, 04 Dec 2018 - 03:18 GMT

Renowned Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and Tunisian singer Saber al-Rebai will perform on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2018, in support of Egyptian tourism.

(AISF) President: Renowned Singer Asala tributes half her payment for children with special needs

Sun, 02 Dec 2018 - 01:40 GMT

The festival is set to run from Dec. 5 – 20, 2018. Saudi Arabia is the guest of honor of the festival's fifth edition.

Wust El-Balad, Do’souqa to perform live Dec. 5

Sat, 01 Dec 2018 - 09:17 GMT

Do’souqa and WustEl-Baladmusical bands are set to perform for the first time together on Dec. 5in Cairo jazz Theater in Sheikh Zayedat 10:30p.m.

Sharnouby to perform live on Nov. 2 in Fifth Settlement

Thu, 01 Nov 2018 - 09:32 GMT

Egyptian singer and actor Mohammad al-Sharnouby is set to perform live in one of the Fifth Settlement's famous malls on Friday, Nov. 2.