Migratory birds

Safe flyway in Egypt: How did mortality rate of migrating birds over wind power farms decline to 1% ?

Mon, 10 Oct 2022 - 06:29 GMT

Recently, the ministry updated its guidelines and recommended putting sensors at the turbines of wind power farms to better monitor the moves of migratory birds and automatically shut down.

Environment Ministry issues map of routes of migratory birds in Egypt

Thu, 02 Jun 2022 - 11:52 GMT

The Migratory Soaring Birds Project of the Ministry of Environment has issued a map and guide for migratory bird routes in Egypt, to help enthusiasts with bird watching tourism enjoy the most beautiful creatures flying in the sky.

More than 377K migratory birds observed during Spring/Fall season in Egypt: Minister

Mon, 16 May 2022 - 08:51 GMT

“The mild weather conditions and the high altitude of the site [El Galala Mountain] give it an added value for bird watching and photographing tourism,” said Fouad in a statement released by the Ministry on Monday.

Egypt signs protocol with UK company for migratory birds monitoring training program

Wed, 24 Apr 2019 - 02:37 GMT

The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) has signed a cooperation protocol with the British company Lekela Power to finance and implement a migratory birds monitoring training program in Egypt.