Environment Ministry issues map of routes of migratory birds in Egypt



Thu, 02 Jun 2022 - 11:52 GMT


Thu, 02 Jun 2022 - 11:52 GMT

Birds migrating

Birds migrating

CAIRO – 2 June 2022: The Migratory Soaring Birds Project of the Ministry of Environment has issued a map and guide for migratory bird routes in Egypt, to help enthusiasts with bird watching tourism enjoy the most beautiful creatures flying in the sky.


A guide on migratory birds was also prepared including simplified information for birds lovers, and information about bird migration and migration paths in Egypt, in addition to the most important types of soaring birds that cross Egypt during the migration seasons (autumn and spring) of each year.




It also includes an easy-to-use map of sites to watch birds, and the most important areas for resident and migratory birds.


More than 400 thousand soaring birds were spotted from the monitoring point of Mount Galala resting in Egypt due to the quality of climate, according to  the director of the Migratory Soaring Birds Project at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment Dr. Osama el-Gebali.


According to Dr. Gebali, the project has developed a number of sites for bird migration paths in Egypt, especially wind farms, and Mount Galala was a new monitoring point that was added.


El-Gabali explained that Egypt, due to its intermediate location between the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe, in addition to the quality of its climate, is considered “the safest resting place, and this reflects the quality of the ecosystems.”


There are five sites that form the main paths for migratory birds. Bird migration in the Red Sea is the second largest bird path in the world, and the five paths gather in the bottleneck area, at a time through which more than 500,000 birds pass through.



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