Egypt aims to exceed its tax revenue to surpass LE1T in 2022/23

Mon, 09 May 2022 - 02:24 GMT

Egypt aims to achieve tax revenues of LE 1.16 trillion during the next fiscal year, compared to expected tax revenues of LE 983.01 billion during the current fiscal year.

Egypt achieved primary surplus of 1.46% of GDP in 2020/21

Wed, 20 Apr 2022 - 02:47 GMT

Expenditure on subsidizing food commodities rose to LE 83 billion, compared to LE 80.4 billion in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, with an increase of 3.2 percent, and actual spending on the social protection sector increased by 16.5 percent over the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Annual net revenues of Egypt’s Endowment Authority reach EGP 1.4 Bln

Thu, 07 Apr 2022 - 03:59 GMT

President Sisi directed the government to complete all executive procedures of the charitable the Fund of Endowments to optimize its revenues, Rady continued.

Suez Canal revenues rise to $1.7B during Q1 of 2022

Sun, 03 Apr 2022 - 12:50 GMT

Rabie, said Saturday, that the navigation statistics in the canal during the first quarter of 2022 recorded a remarkable increase in the number and tonnage of ships transiting the canal, and it has not been affected so far by the repercussions of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis.

Revenues of localities system hit LE 1.53B within 3 months

Sun, 20 Mar 2022 - 03:59 GMT

The Ministry indicated, in a report issued, Sunday, that the total revenues of the localities portal amounted to about LE 23.383 million, with a number of 3,684 transactions.

Suez Canal revenues jump 15.1% to $545.5M in February

Tue, 01 Mar 2022 - 01:38 GMT

Rabie said that revenues amounted to $545.5 million (not including navigation services) during February 2022, compared to $474.1 million during the same month last year, marking an increase of $71.4 million.

Egypt's tourism revenues surge 253.3% in Q1 of 2021/22

Thu, 03 Feb 2022 - 11:23 GMT

Egypt achieved $2.83 billion in tourism revenues during the period from July to the end of last September, compared to $801 million during the same period in the previous fiscal year.

Egypt’s revenues increased by 10.3% during H1 of 2021/22

Tue, 01 Feb 2022 - 01:25 GMT

Maait said, Tuesday, that tax revenues rose by an annual growth rate of 15.7 percent during the period from July to the end of last December, compared to the same period of the last fiscal year.

Egypt aims to increase revenues bet.13-15% in 2022/23 draft budget

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 12:12 GMT

These indicators enable the state to provide allocations for improving wages and rewarding workers, as well as providing sufficient funds to improve infrastructure, as well as reducing the deficit and achieving debt targets.

Suez Canal revenues to hike to $7B by end of 2022

Sun, 16 Jan 2022 - 03:21 GMT

The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority is considering granting reductions in transit fees ranging from 10 to 20 percent for ships that comply with environmental standards.

Suez Canal achieves highest-ever revenue at $6.3B

Sun, 02 Jan 2022 - 01:28 GMT

Rabie clarified that the revenues during 2021 hiked by 12.8 percent, or $720 million, compared to $5.6 billion during 2020.

Suez Canal revenues increased 12.4% to $551.1M in October

Tue, 02 Nov 2021 - 02:06 GMT

The navigation statistics in the Suez Canal recorded unprecedented records during October 2021, achieving the highest monthly tonnage in the history of the canal, amounting to 112.1 million tons, according to head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie.

Suez Canal revenues rise to $5.1B in 10 months

Wed, 27 Oct 2021 - 02:47 GMT

The head of the authority said in a statement, Wednesday that the rate of increase in revenues amounted to 12.6 percent.

Egypt to increase Suez Canal's revenues by 5.6% in 21/22

Sun, 29 Aug 2021 - 03:47 GMT

El-Said explained that the output of the Suez Canal will thus rise from LE 93.9 billion in 20-2021 to LE 99.3 billion in the year of the plan, exceeding the output achieved before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 18/2019.

Gov’t denies rumors in video claiming lack of New Suez Canal’s feasibility

Tue, 10 Aug 2021 - 02:34 GMT

The media center at the Egyptian cabinet denied baseless information circulated in a video claiming that the new Suez Canal has not achieved any increases in the canal’s revenues.

Suez Canal revenues estimated to rise by 10% in FY2021/22

Thu, 05 Aug 2021 - 12:33 GMT

The official pointed out that the Suez Canal accomplished revenues worth $530.7 million in FY2020/2021 with a hike of 20.7 percent.

Egypt achieves LE 93.1B primary surplus in 2020/21, revenues increases 12%

Thu, 29 Jul 2021 - 04:24 GMT

Maait said in a statement Thursday that state revenues grew at an annual growth rate of 12.2 percent during the last fiscal year, with an increase of LE 119 billion, and expenditures increased by 9 percent.

Egypt succeeded in increasing state revenues by LE 119B: Maait

Sun, 25 Jul 2021 - 06:02 GMT

Maait also noted Expenditures also rose by 9 percent, in addition to achieving a primary surplus in the budget of about 93.1 billion pounds, or 1.4 percent of GDP, while reducing the total deficit from 8 percent to 7.4 percent.

Egypt's profits from Sokary Gold Mine over past decade are $550M

Tue, 13 Jul 2021 - 12:09 GMT

Currently, the company is working towards the target of producing 400,000 and 430,000 gold bars by the end of 2021.

Suez Canal records highest annual revenues in its history $5.84B during 2020/21.

Sun, 11 Jul 2021 - 02:03 GMT

The net tonnage transiting the canal during the first half of 2021 increased by 3.8 percent, by 610.1 million tons during the first half of the current year, compared to 587.7 million tons during the same period of last year, with an increase of 22.4 million tons.